Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mini haul + huge e.l.f. haul + EDS catch up

Hey guys!

So this is just a few bits i've bought recently, not loads! I'm trying to be good with my money, booooring! Although I did take advantage of an offer on e.l.f. make up.. if you spent £50 you got 50% off so I only paid £25 plus delivery and my excuse is that I was in need of a few essentials like concealer and I wanted to get a few bits for my friends birthday! 

Everything from e.l.f. - the bottom left picture is the products for my friends birthday
 So I bought a waterproof eyeliner pen, studio HD powder, eyelid primer, duo eyeshadow cream, studio lip stain, lash and brow clear mascara, all over cover stick, mineral bamboo powder brush, studio conditioning lip balm, mineral eyeshadow in elegant, bronzed and glamourous, studio eyeshadow 'C' brush, studio blush brush and for my friend I got bronzer, bronzing brush, cuticle nourisher and a studio conditioning lip balm in a different colour to mine! I also got her a few bits from other places and yes I realise I have put the eyelid primer in there twice haha, oops!

I think all of this for £25 is amazing! My favourite products are the eyeliner pen, duo eyeshadow cream, conditioning lip balm and my overall favourite is the all over cover stick! I will be reviewing the products I bought in separate posts! Now onto the few other bits I've bought...

Well you can see what this is! Really like this and will be doing a review soon, £4.99
No7 beautiful skin eye make up remover, I have repurchased this uncountable times as I love it! £8.50 from Boots, read my review on this here

Red berries candle - Wilkinsons £1 - this smelt really nice but when I burned it the smell didn't seem to actually come out..
Yankee candle in Pink sands - Clintons £1.80 - now this is a much better candle! Smells so good and after burning it in the evening my room smelt for the whole of the next day until I burned a different one!
Dark red jumper - Primark mens section £8, yes this is mens but XS fits nicely although the sleeves are a bit long! It's just a plain jumper in a nice colour (sorry for terrrrible camera quality, need to sort my camera out :(! )
How adorable is my bambi jumper!! :D I just love this! Its £19.99 from h&m and mine is a size 8 which fits perfectly. They also have a cream/white one with baby mickey mouse on it! This is also my OOTD, I just wore it with leggings and I put on white Vans
Literally as i'm sat here writing this now I have just remembered I bought a scarf! It's just another really big oversized one from Primark like my other grey one if you've seen it, it's black with skulls on and was just £4! I also bought my friend a bath bomb from Lush and one of the new Barry M Gelly nail polishes. They didn't have the colour I wanted for myself so i'm gonna go back!

I thought I would do a catch up on my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as I had a hospital appointment today, if you don't know what this is read my post about it here  
So since my last appointment 9 months ago my knees have got a lot weaker and loose and clicky, I was told years ago that my knees twist inwards but i'm noticing that more recently, I also get really tired and weak if I have a busy few days or something, sometimes in the morning my muscles twitch because they're tired and I once punched myself in the face trying to do my mascara hahaha. 
So I told my consultant, who by the way I think is one of the best doctors ever, crown for you Dr. Cohen :) and she asked me questions and looked at my knees etccc and she has referred me to see the physiotherapists and occupational therapists who specialise in hypermobility (over mobile joints), I don't actually know how often I have to go but she said i'll get sent a letter about it! I'm actually looking forward to it cos instead of general exercise it will be specific to helping me and my joints and also i'll have exercises to do at home (as long as I can get myself off the sofa in the evenings heheh)
However I will definitely have to try my best as she said if the physio doesn't work I may have to stay in the hospital for three weeks of a physio programme. Yes. THREE weeks. Of physio. And not being able to go out or anything when i'm not doing the physio, just chilling at the hospital. I'd probably be at the adult ward this time aswell. BORINGGG. Omg I seriously hope I don't have to do that!

Anyway, rant over, hopefully I won't have to do that :) Let me know if you or anyone you know has EDS? I still don't know anyone that has it apart from my sister! Also let me know of any e.l.f. products you would recommend or not recommend and omg please let me know if you know anywhere I can find more Disney jumpers, I am such a child I just love cute things! 

Emily xxx

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