Monday, 31 March 2014

BassBuds X Roxanne Campbell Nail Art

*BassBuds photo*

Hi everyone!

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Laura asking if I would like to create some nail art based on these gorgeous earphones. BassBuds* are collaborating with top nail artist Roxanne Campbell to create gorgeous nail looks based on these fashion collection earphones. I was super excited about this because as you may have noticed, I am super girly and these are so perfect to use when I'm on the bus to work!

So of course, I put on some nail extensions to make my nails look more polished and perfect. Can't be trying to make short, stubby nails look slick! Then I used one of my favourite nail polishes which actually doesn't have a name, all the writing has completely rubbed off! But you could use any similar shiny pinky/purple colour, I personally like the way this one is very slightly metallic. The aim with the black lines was to resemble the shape of the earphone, I'm not too sure how that worked out to be honest but I like the way it looks on the nail art and it adds something extra! Then of course, the silver, sparkly dots resemble the Swarovski crystals.

The last photo is from the BassBuds X RC collection, which clearly is much better than my nail art! I'm still happy with how my nail art turned out though, it was neater than I thought I could make it with my shaky hands! If you're after some new earphones but want some that have not only an amazing sound system but also look pretty damn amazing, these are just perfect. I am so pleased with them and it was so cool creating nail art to match them!

Hope you like my nail art!

Emily xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

OOTN | My New Favourite Dress

Hi everyone!

I spent last weekend with my best friend Sophie, which was so much fun, but also rather expensive! We went on a big shopping trip, had some yummy lunch at Zizzis and then went on a night out. I spent way too much money considering I'm supposed to be saving, oops! You can see everything I bought in my last post.

One of the things I bought was this dress which I have absolutely fallen in love with! It is actually almost knee length, which I would wear in the Spring and Summer with a cute pair of sandals. However, for a night out I felt a big more leg would be appropriate hehe. So I bought this little black belt to hitch it up a bit, don't worry it still wasn't crazy short! I actually really like how it looks with the belt, regardless of the length!

I then paired it with my new favourite boots, a simple black clutch and a good old red lip, courtesy of MAC Russian Red.

Dress - River Island
Belt - New Look
Boots - Amazon
Clucth - Primark
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red
Hair - Straighteners and a bit of Fudge texture spray

What do you think of the dress? How would you wear it?

Emily xxx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

HAUL | River Island, Primark, New Look, La Senza, Superdrug

So I might have broken my spending ban... 

Yesterday I went shopping with my best friend and we are literally terrible together because we will find a way to justify anything we want to buy. I only planned on buying a couple of things I needed, but I fell in love with a few things so of course I found a way to justify buying them. I will include my justifications below to make myself feel better. Everything in this haul I bought yesterday apart from two things so including lunch, a night out and new curtains, I've had a very expensive weekend. Oops.

Primark £14 - last pair in my size, meant to be

Primark £4 - gorgeous colour for spring/summer and super cheap. For some unknown reason I picked up the wrong size, despite it being clearly stated rather largely

Primark £4 - I needed a new purse so was looking for a nice summer colour, this is gorgeous, the perfect size and has perfect compartments

Primark £1.50 - super soft considering the price, I'll be using these to remove cleanser
Primark £1.50 - I use these when applying my make up and needed a new one, foundation in bleach blonde hair is not a good look

Primark £2/3 - I buy these every year as they are the only sunglasses that suit me at least a little bit

Primark £1-1.70 each - bad justifying for this one, just wanted some new undies..
Superdrug - Cotton pads two for £2.50, cotton buds £1 - basic necessities!

New Look £14.99 - a basic that will go with lots and feels super nice and silky on | here

New Look £2.99 - I bought this to wear with the dress I bought which you'll see below | here

Amazon £24.99 - I am obsessed with these I think they're amazing!! So comfy to wear out too | here

La Senza £30 - I don't know why this shows up blue, it's black! Every girl needs the perfect black bra and this was it

River Island £20 - these pictures do not do these shorts justice, but they're amazing, so soft and so versatile! Hopefully I'll do an outfit post to show you how they look on | here
River Island £35 - it has been a long while since I have absolutely fallen in love with an item of clothing but this is love. Everything about it is perfect, the pattern, the shape, the fit, the sleeves, the black sections, the length. This is what I bought the belt for, you can see a photo on instagram of how I wore this with the belt! I would still wear it long with a pair of sandals in the summer too | here

So that is everything I bought yesterday, minus the boots and sunglasses. I definitely spent way too much money but I really love everything I bought, especially the above dress! I have linked as much as I can if you would like to take a look at the items!

Have you broken your spending ban recently? Do you always find a way to justify buying things?

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Beauty UK 'Halo' | MAC MSF Dupe?

Never before had I ventured into the brand 'Beauty UK' because to be honest, I knew it was cheap and had an idea in my head that it would be rubbish. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of cheaper brands have some amazing products (Collection Lasting Perfection, I'm looking at you) but for some reason, I just had this assumption that it was cheap and tacky and I had never been tempted to even look at the products properly let alone buy any.

All that changed when I was having a browse through the blushers on the Superdrug website and I spotted a pink blusher my friend had been raving about not so long before. It was only then that I clicked what brand it was and so I thought I'd take a closer look. I thought this baked blusher in the shade 'Halo' looked fairly pretty so of course I headed to google to find some blog reviews. It was there that I saw it being compared to Macs Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Soft and gentle'. Sold.

When my Superdrug order arrived (a fairly large order might I add) it was actually this product I was most excited to try. So much so that I had to swatch before taking photographs, as you might be able to tell. Naughty beauty blogger. This is the most gorgeous highlight I have ever used. Despite being advertised in the blusher section, the colour and shimmer of this would definitely come under highlight in my books. I'm sure the name of this was blusher but now I look at the website they're named 'baked box', so maybe they've changed it or maybe I got it wrong. But they are in the blusher section on the site.

I'd say it's a slightly peachy, pale pink colour with very light brown running through it. When swatched and applied it comes off as a beautiful peachy toned champagne colour which makes for the perfect natural highlight colour. Not white or silver but a natural skin tone with gorgeous shimmer. This is not one of those horrible glittery highlighters that make you look like a disco ball, it just has a lovely glow and makes you look alive and well rather than 'I'm off to the roller disco'.

If you're wondering about the MSF comparison, that is just a product I've wanted to try for longer than I can remember, hence why I got super excited about a cheaper version. I've never actually used it so if you want a comparison, get googling some other reviews. Or in fact just give it a whirl, at £3.99 it won't break the bank if you don't like it. Although I'm 99% sure you will.

I also bought a Beauty UK lipstick which is the most gorgeous colour, so in the end this brand has come up trumps. I think that's a real phrase.

Have you ever tried any products from Beauty UK? Is there anything else I should pick up?

Emily xxx