Friday, 28 September 2012

10 day challenge: day two

Hey guys! :)

So today is day two of the challenge, I thought i'd make it more interesting by using pictures for my answers :)

 DAY TWO: nine loves

1. CATS! So I havn't had work today and me and my mum being bored decided to youtube videos of funny cats, we both love cats and have been crying with laughter!

2. Tinkerbell! I have always loved Tinkerbell since I was little and still do! I have loads of Tinkerbell things and my favourite thing is this hoodie of mine :)

3. So this one time at college, we did a spray tan course and I turned out like a burnt chicken. Okay so this is really unattractive but my third love is fake tan, just not this dark!! 

4. My best friend! So one day we were bored and were sending each other pictures we made on paint hahaha weirdos, this was like a year ago but these pictures still make me laugh, and yes we are still just as strange.. We are like two peas in a pod (even though she's scared of peas and thinks they have eyes)

5.  PINK! You name it I got it, I have EVERYTHING in pink literally! Pink tops, jackets, coat, jeans, shorts, shoes, pyjamas, slippers, bags, undies, blankets, pillows, suitcase, radio, just everything basically is pink :)

6. My little sister :) she is the cutiest thing ever and is a mini me! She loves all the things I do (including chocolate, obviously) and she just the bestestttt

7. Dance! I used to do dance but I'm not allowed now due to my EDS, but I still love it and love watching it! I literally get goosepimples watching people dance and I so so wish I was allowed to do it :( The picture is when I was like 12 or something at a dance show hahahahaha im top right

8. Youtube! Although I don't make my own, I love watching beauty videos and hauls etc, I guess you know the type of videos I mean, the video versions of these blogs I'd say! I think it looks so fun to make videos but I dunno if i'll ever do it, looks a bit scary and I'd definitely build up my blog first :) picture above is a print screen of a video by Macbarbie07, one of my favourites :)

9. You guys! I know my blog isn't huge but I still find it amazing that 84 people are interested in reading my posts and thank you so much for following me! :)

So I hope you enjoyed my 9 loves and again let me know if you're doing this challange! :)

Emily xxx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

10 day challenge: day one

Hey guys! :)

So I saw this and thought this would be a fun thing to do and something a bit different to put on my blog! 

 DAY ONE: ten secrets

1. This blog! A few people know I have a blog, but I won't tell anybody what it's called

2. I'm actually quite clever; everyone thinks i'm the typical blonde bimbo but I have got brains!

3. I can not leave the house without make up, even if it's just to the little shop, mainly because of my pale, scarred skin

4. I have loaaads of freckles, most people don't notice because of fake tan and make up but my face is covered in them!

5. I used to be a tom boy.. there's this picture of me in a full football kit, socks and everything

6. I used to be SO shy, I literally never spoke apart from at home, now you're lucky if you get me to shut up!

7. I am obsessed with cats, since I was little i've had over ten cats (not all at once) and I used to be in the Cats Protection club.. my letter got posted in their magazine once yep

8. I'm such a scaredy cat.. I literally can't watch scary films, I was home alone once and a scary advert came on and I literally didn't leave the living room until my parents got in! I also run like Usain Bolt up the stairs when it's dark

9. I have two poems printed in books HAAH this makes me feel like such a dork. I was like 12 and they were school competitions I was made to enter okay :'( and when I was like 12 I did the UK Maths Challenge for 18-21 year olds ahaha :(

10. I have a thing about textures of food/drink, I can't deal with like mushy sloppy things. I can't eat yoghurts, smoothies, mash potato, things like that; ew i'm feeling sick just thinking about it!

So yeah that is my ten secrets! I found that really hard to think of things to put here, I think the other days challenges look a lot easier thankfully! :) Let me know if you do these challenges, i'll find it really interesting to see your answers! :)

THAT picture

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mike Hough gig + spine update

Hey guys! :)

Seeing as I've been finding it hard to find time to write posts recently, I'm taking advantage of today to write some posts hence why this is my second today! 

Mike Hough is a singer/song writer who I discovered on YouTube and whilst he's not famous he is really popular on youtube/twitter and he is on his way :) If you want to check him out his youtube is howez18 and his twitter is mikehoughmusic :) So yeah, friday night was his LA to London showcase (he's recently been to LA for a few weeks song writing so this was his new music) which was at a club called Surya in Londons Kings Cross. 

It was about two hours and he had a support act on first called Jack Martello who I'd never heard of but he was so good so I'm now stalking him on youtube too haha! Then there was a little break before Mike came on and he was amazinggg :) I got all excitable like a child haha..

Mike Hough

Jack Martello
 Yes I did queue in the rain for ages to be at the front..

 I wore this as I was going out afterwards but didn't want to look toooo dressy for the gig! Playsuit is a New Look playsuit but I bought it second hand from ebay, it's a size 10 and is a little big so kept falling down a bit but I might try and take the straps up! It was only £4.74 including p&p! I just wore my Converse and some frilly socks from River Island :) (hello new obsesssion with frilly socks) My clutch bag is from New Look and I'm wearing the Skin Therapy fake tan I wrote about in my last post (one coat on face/chest/arms etc, two coats on legs).

I wore W7 nail polish in a bright pink colour
Let me know what you think of Mike Hough and Jack Martello if you check them out! :)

So I thought I'd do a little spine update as I had a hospital appointment the other day! If you didn't know I have scoliosis which you can read about in this post

Last year in August I had spinal surgery and so on Monday I had my one year check up! The two vertabrae under the fused bit have slightly tilted but this shouldn't cause any problems and I just have to work on my core muscles! So yeah everything is fine and I can now get rid of all my restrictions I had such as no bending, twisting, laying on my front, no baths etcc. yay i'm so so excited to have a bath! PS: I am not a minger I am allowed to have showers haha.. What perfect timing with this weather :) I've got some Disney princess sparkly bath bubbles and bath confetti at the ready, woohoo! 

 I think I may have mentioned this before but i've been thinking about incorporating my scoliosis and EDS into my blog (read about my EDS in this post) but i'm not too sure.. I didn't know whether to have a whole section on it, or to write update posts or maybe even just talk a little bit about them in my normal posts like tiny updates or to just leave it out completely! I know I like reading what other people write about their scoliosis/EDS or even people with conditions I don't have myself, I just don't know if it's something you guys would like to see on my blog or not?! Please please let me know what you think and what you think I should do about this! And don't feel mean if you want to write nooo don't do it haha! I just wanna know whether you think I should include it or not :)

Emily xxx

Review: Skin therapy bronze self tan mousse - medium skin

Hey guys! :)

How horrible is this weather :( I don't mind it when i'm sitting inside all snuggled up like I am now, but I am not looking to going out in it to go to work later on! However it is a very good excuse to get a new winter hat and cosy jumpers :)

So a few weeks ago I went to put my fake tan on only to realise I had the tiniestttt bit left! I swear it had just suddenly disappeared! I needed to tan that day as I was going to Windsor the next day which is what I was tanning for so there I was having a big old panic! The only place I could get to was Sainsburys so I picked up this fake tan and had to hope for the best...

£9 Sainsburys
So I'd never even heard of this tan before so I was so scared it was gonna turn out terrible, I also discovered that it is a Sainsburys fake tan so I was like oh god is a supermarket tan gonna be any goood?! It's a mousse tan which I also had never used before but I decided I would only find out if I tried it and the risk was better than being all ghosty pale :)

 So if you've never used a mousse tan before this is how it comes out, obviously as a mousse, but when you apply it to your skin it kind of melts into a brown liquid/lotion and goes on easier than I thought it would. The only problem with this is trying to tan your face, trying to put a mousse on your face is a bit awkward! 

It smells nice when you apply it and it does give you a nice shade of colour if that makes sense, it's not too orangey or greeny, it does look really natural! For me, one coat is the perfect colour for face/chest/arms etc but for my legs I like to use two coats as I always like my legs a bit darker!  

Natural leg
Just applied tan
Developed tan
 As you can see this has made my leg a lot darker and is a really nice colour! The only thing I don't like about this tan is that it seems a bit drying and I also find it starts to come off quicker than other tan and goes a bit patchy! I don't think I will purchase this again as I prefer my usual tans, however it isn't a bad tan!

Windsor! (please excuse not so sober face)
This picture is when I went to Windsor with my friends, I am aware Windsor is a strange choice for somewhere to go on a night away, we wanted to go to Brighton but we left it too late and everywhere was booked, as was everywhere else we tried to book! Therefore, Windsor it was! I did have a really good time still and a nice weekend away with my friends :)

I have one coat of Superdrug Solait fake tan all over, one coat of the Skin therapy fake tan on top on just my legs and also Rimmel instant tan on my legs! My dress is £26.99 from Te Amo at New Look and is a size 8, the straps were huge and the dress fell to like half way down my boobs so my mum made the straps shorter for me! My shoes are from St Johns market in Liverpool, my nails I have a bright red Ted Baker nail polish on nail extensions and on my lips I have Collection 2000 Lasting colour lipstick in 14 Mango Tango!

Also I know at least one of you will be thinking OMG her roots are terrible! Yes they were VERY terrible, I recently got my ear snug pierced and I couldn't dye my hair incase I got dye in the piercing, I can assure you that my roots are now non-existent :)

My best friends :) I love this picture :)
So I hope this post was helpful, ask my any questions in the comments and let me know what your favourite fake tan is! I would love love love to know as I love my fake tan haha :) Hope you have a good day and don't get too wet and wind swept in this weather :)

Emily xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY studs and bows top + mini haul

Hey guys!

So yesterday I had no work or anything just a day in so I was looking at videos on Youtube when I came across macbarbie07's video on how to do bows in tops so I decided to give it a go! I'd had the studs for a while planning to use them so I finally did...

I started with this plain black slightly baggy vest top from h&m
Then I added some studs! You just push them through and fold the pointy bits flat like a butterfly pin
I then cut off the bottom as it was actually quite long and you need some material for the bows
Put some cardboard in the top to protect the front and cut two slits in the back
Cut a small strip from the cut off bit
Then wrap it round the cut section and sew in place to make the bow, you can do as many as you want
Finished front of top
Finished back of top (ignore tramp like hair)
 Okay so I did another smaller bow above the big one but it went wonky so I did another one the other way, I know it's hard to see, sorry for the terrible quality! But yeah basically I so so regret doing that :( I wish I left the back plain! I do like the big bow but as the top's baggy it looks weird and the small ones just look like a dogs eaten it! I love the front of the top so I may wear it if i'm wearing a jacket or something! I might buy a plain black top and do the same studding but leave the back!

This is macbarbie07's bow top which as you can see looks alot better as it's tight and she has better cutting skills than me and my wonky cutting!
 So yeah let me know if you try this out! Now onto my little haul...

Pink Rydale welllies - £20 from the Rydale tent at the Bucks County Show - size 4
Thick black leggings - Primark £6 Size 10 - These are a really thick material, different to normal leggings and not see through at all! They have a seam line down the front which i'm not sure on but don't mind and needed some thick leggings!
Feather necklace - New Look sale £1.25!
Bracelet - Republic £4 - I couldn't get it on by myself and noone was in ha!
Stretchy bead braelets - 6 for £5 on a stall at the Bucks County Show
Black shorts - Primark £5! Size 10 - yay they finally had these in my size! I've wanted these to wear with black tights as they're simple and easy to put with things!
Dippy t-shirt - Primark £5 Size 6 - My usual size 8 seemed too big so I got a size down
Giant bird print scarf! - Primark £4
Blue skinny jeans - Primark £11 Size 10 - These fit perfectly! I also like them with the bottoms folded up a bit
Bird print bed covers - Asda £11! Saw this and thought it was so cute and i've been wanting new bed covers and it was so cheap!
 So yeah that's everything i've bought recently, i've been trying not to spend money recently but I can't help myself so just buy something cheap then it all adds up, huffff! I've also bought a New Look playsuit from ebay for like £4.74! It hasn't come yet but i'll show you when it comes :)

Emily xxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Barry M: New collections

Hey guys! 

So this has got me seriously excited, I saw Barry M tweet about two new collections and so I checked them out and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! First up is the Jewel collection which comes out in stores on the 26th September..

 How gorgeous do these look! I love that they have different colours in them and I can't wait to see all of the colours. Look how gorgeous Amethyst looks on nails!....

 Ahhhhh I can't wait to get my hands on this! I will be in Boots ASAP when these come out!

The other collection is the Gelly Hi-Shine collection, which I'm even more excited for...

So when I saw this advert I was interested but to be honest you can't see how they look on and the colours don't look very interesting, however I then googled it and found images from people that have tested them and they are sooo nice!

From Brit Nails blog
WOWOW how amazing are these! SO shiny and really do look like gel nails and the colours are absolutely gorgeous! I'm loving the darker colours for winter :) These come out in Superdrug on the 26th September and Boots on the 3rd October, do I really have to wait this long! :( Thinking of October, may have to have the top middle or top right colours for Halloweeen!

I just had to post about these as soon as I could as I'm rather excited (yes, I am sad) especially the gelly ones! Which ones will you be looking to try out? 

Emily xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My favourite mascara for just £1.99!

Hey guys :) so after writing about the rain yesterday it's now sunny! What is going on :)

Without mascara
With mascara
 So this is my favourite mascara! It's the Natural Collection lash build mascara which costs just £1.99! I have been using this for years and it has remained my favourite. I've tried so many mascaras such as Colossal and Great Lash and even YSL mascaras, and this is still my firm favourite! 

I don't have particularily long eyelashes at all and this makes them look so much longer and thicker, so many times I have been asked if i'm wearing false lashes! I curl my lashes and apply 2/3 coats and voila, I don't have to add more coats than other mascaras or anything. It also stays on really well, I never reapply my mascara throughout the day unless I want to top it up before going out in the evening or something, though I usually wear false lashes in the evening! 

I would 100% recommend this mascara to everybody! I can't believe this is only £1.99 when I've tried mascaras up to £25 and not had the same effect! As you can probably tell from looking at my blog posts, I don't tend to spend loads of money on things, using drug store brands and getting most of my clothes from Primark/New Look/the sales! However buying this mascara has nothing to do with the price, it genuinely is the best one for me and I would still buy it if it was more expensive! :)

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? Tell me what you think about it and what your favourites are :)

Emily xxx

Quick post: FOTD

Hellooo everyone :)

So this is how i've been doing my make up for the past week or so and I thought i'd show you how I like doing it, I love looking at how other people have their make up!

I start by cleansing my face and applying Nivea Soft moisturiser which I loveee, it smells so good! Then I apply my make up...

Rimmel 25 hour foundation - 200 (applied with Real Techniques foundation brush)
LUSH colour supplement (as concealer under eyes) - Light yellow
Collection 2000 pressed powder - 1 (applied with Real Techniques buffer brush)
MUA bronzer - Shade 1 (applied with an SBC bronzer brush on cheeks, Real Techniques contour brush to apply to either side of the nose)
Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil - 002 Hazel 
No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow - Truffle
Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara - Black
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick - 14 Mango Tango (put on very lightly)

Hope you like my day to day face make up! Let me know if any of you have done this post as I love looking at these! :)

Emily xxx