Thursday, 11 October 2012

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish in Pomegranite

Hey guys!

So I wrote a post about these polishes before they came out and now I've finally got my hands on one yay!

With flash
Without flash
 I found it SO hard to take a picture that captured the colour and the shine! The picture without flash shows what the colour is like and with flash shows how amazingly shiny it is! 

I bought this polish on Saturday and painted them on Sunday, it has chipped now but didn't for the first two days, I have never found a polish that doesn't chip so I think it's just my nails?! Apart from that, I love this polish! I love the colour it is such a great colour for autumn and I will definitely be wearing it a lot! And it is definitely extrememly shiny, it's even shinier than it shows up in the picture. Sorry for bad camera quality, I really need to sort my camera out :(

I also bought my friend one of these polishes for her birthday in the colour Blood Orange (which btw looks red to me..) and although she hasn't used it yet she is veryyy excited to! I also wanted to get my hands on one of the new Jewel polishes but for some reason these aren't in my local boots yet, booo :( Let me know what you think of these polishes if you've tried them! :)

I've also bought a couple of other bits recently..

Repurchase: No7 top coat - about £7.50?!
MUA eyeshadow in Pearl: LOVE this and will be reviewing it - £1!
Repurchase: Brit Rocks false eyelashes in Curvy: these are the ones I alwaaaays wear on a night out I LOVE them - £1.99
Schwarzkopf Supersoft shampoo and conditioner - 99p each in b&m bargains ha!
 So that is just a few things I've bought in the past week and I will have reviews coming up on the eyeshadow and the shampoo and conditioner! Hope you're all having a good week and I'll be back posting again soon :)

Emily xxx

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