Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I officially have a new favourite lipstick! I had been after this shade for a while but could never find it in stock but I finally got it the other day just as it was being put on the shelf! I know it's such a popular colour and now I can see why, it's a beautiful deep berry red and I love that it's matte. It literally reminds me of red velvet it's so pretty!

I have been using it with a Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liner which is a great match for the colour, however I find it bleeds a tiny bit so after a while it's not a perfect line. I think it's the lip liner and not the lipstick so i'm gonna try a different one and hopefully it'll stay put! This lipstick also has such good staying power, it lasts me all day with just touching it up after eating. I've been loving a bold lip recently and this is just perfect and I am now going to be investing in some other colours from this range! I wore it with my new faded green jumper and really loved the two colours together.

It looks a lot more pink in this picture, however it is a lot darker like the colour in the first picture!

If you havn't tried the Kate Moss range yet, I highly recommend this and I am hoping the other colours please me just as much! :)

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Missguided haul & OOTD

So on Monday I recieved my Missguided delivery and I am now the proud owner of 7 new items of clothing, yipppee! Despite forever looking on their website and seeing lots of people with their clothes I was a bit wary of ordering online and not being able to try things on or see exactly what it's like or the quality etc. but I am so glad I went for it! Everything I ordered is lovely and great quality and I will definitely be ordering again! And to just to let you know I bought all these items with my own money and these are my personal opinions!

This picture makes them look grim, they are nice, honest.
Burgundy disco pants/leggings - Less than a week ago I bought the black version from Republic and loved them so much I wanted another colour. Whilst looking on Missguided I spied this gorgeous dark red colour and within seconds they were in my basket. These are so perfect for me and my tubby belly. The ones with a normal zip and button like the AA ones seem to stick out and look strange, and the ones with no zip what so ever just show off my belly. However this built in zip thing seems to work well at holding in/hiding mr belly. They fit perfectly, aren't see through or anything and are just perfect. £25.99 Burgundy disco pants

 Black leather look skater skirt - Well the whole world and their grandmothers have one of these skirts, except for me. And after wanting one for a while I spotted this one for a tenner so I thought i'd give it a go. It's the perfect shape and length, will go with so much day or night and I am rather excited to wear it. The material isn't the bestttttttt quality but it's good enough and for a tenner you can't go wrong. £9.99 Skater skirt

Oversized white t-shirt - I know it might sound stupid, but I really love this shape of tshirt. It is literally a plain tshirt with rolled sleeves but I love it. White is just a staple colour tshirt so yeah needed that. £9.99 White tee

Grey t-shirt - Basically the same as the white one, but not oversized and a slightly different material with a dipped hem. I prefer this to the white one, it's probably going to be one of my most worn tops. £11.99 Grey tee

Open shoulder top - At first I didn't like these tops without shoulders, but they've grown on me a lot and I think it looks quite cool. I love this one as I like tops which are baggy but with tight sleeves (weirdo) and I love the tie dye pattern. I also love grey tops?... £13.99 Open shoulder top

Pink jumper - I love this, it's ridiculous but I have no plain jumpers. They all have patterns or something on them. This is just a nice chunky knit in my favourite colour and it's so cosy. £16.99 Pink jumper

Green faded jumper - I have recently become quite a fan of dark green, I like the ombre type thing and I love a good jumper. Perfect. My favourite purchase! £18.99 Green jumper

So that's everything I got from Missguided for my first order and I am already looking to see what else I can purchase... If you havn't heard of Missguided (you're crazy) go take a look and if you're a bit wary like I was, go for it! Yesterday I went for a family meal for my sisters birthday and so wore the green jumper..

Excuse the mess..

 Missguided jumper | Republic disco leggings | Primark studded slipper shoes

I also wore my perfect new leather jacket which I will soon show you and for some reason decided I quite liked my hair in a side pony.

Emily xxx

Monday, 18 February 2013

I'm back!

Okay so as you may or may not have noticed, I have not blogged in yonks. I've been so busy with my new job, forever working late and being busy on my days off I just never had time to blog. I've done one or two posts since starting but couldn't keep it up often enough. But after coming on here yesterday and reading through all your lovely blogs I realised I miss it SO much! I am determined this time to find time to blog at least once a week! And I am so excited :D

I've already got a big list of posts I want to do and I'm planning on saving for a camera so I can get better pictures for my little blog. Today I got a delivery from Missguided and I love love love everything I got! So I will be blogging about my new goodies very soon! 

I was hoping to post tomorrow as I have a day off but now I'm seeing my dad and then going for a family meal in the evening - see what I mean?! Busy, busy, busy. But I'm still going to try and if not I will post on wednesday! I really really hope I can find the time to keep up blogging this time as I love it so freaaakin' much. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Emily xxx