Thursday, 18 October 2012

Estee Lauder Double-wear foundation

Hey guys! :)

So this foundation has made me so excited! I absolutely LOVE it!

Now this is a fairly expensive foundation and as you can tell if you're a regular reader, I only ever buy drug store brands such as Rimmel as they are a lot cheaper and I'm only working part time and trying to save for car insurance! However, I got this from my work for free as they've changed the colours, woohoo! I actually got £200 pounds worth of it in my colour and also in a darker colour for when i've got my fake tan on! This absolutely has made my day/week/month because I've always wanted to try this foundation! From the Estee Lauder website 30ml of this costs £27.50 so it is definitely a high end foundation.

 I can't remember the name of the colour I got but this won't matter now anyway as they've changed the colours, all I know is that it is the palest colour and they hardly ever sell it hahaha ghosty me :( But Estee Lauder have counters in stores so they will match you to your perfect colour :) 

I used this for the first time yesterday and ohhh my I actually LOVE it, it is amazing!! My mum even noticed and said my face looked really smooth and like a doll :) It is amazing coverage and stays on ALL day, literally it did not even budge slightly. I have red cheeks which this completely covered and I also have a small scar on my nose which I have never ever been able to cover up with any foundation or concealer and this covered it all day! I just can't get over how amazing it is i'm just in love with it, I never knew a foundation could make you so happy :) It also doesn't look like you've caked it on, it still looks natural and the colour match is perfect and now there's even more colours so everyone should go try this!

 I have never been able to justify spending so much money on foundation on the money I earn at the minute but this seriously is so worth it! When mine runs out, even though I have literally like a years worth, I would still definitely buy this again I don't care how much it costs it is a miracle :) I wish I had one of these amazing cameras most bloggers have so you could see in good quality how smooth and nice it makes your skin but sorry I don't have the moneys haha :) I would 100% recommend everyone go and get a tester of this as I think you would love it!

Emily xxx


  1. yaaay another convert :D this foundation is by far my life saver aha :)xx

  2. I have to agree with you this foundation is amazing, in my eyes you can't beat it!

    Love your blog, Maddie xx

    1. I've definitely never used one as good! :) thank you xx