Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jeans wishlist!

Ive seen SOOO many skinny jeans that i want recently! Especially in pastel colours which new look have loads of, but ive narrowed it down to these top four! My favourite ones are the second ones cos i absolutely love the colour! I love the shoes they're modelled with aswell actually.. And ive been wanting jeans in the exact colour of the missguided ones here for agesss! The river island ones, well i just walked in the shop and fell in love as soon as i saw them! I dunno if you can see in the pic but they covered in tiny little navy hearts! lovelovelove!

Other nail polishes i've used!

I had this on my nails not long after christmas but im not overly sure if i like it.. i used the Barry M metallic gold nail varnish and the Barry M black crackle polish in the hope it might look leapoard print... yeah it doesnt look leapord print! The gold colour is a nice nail polish but i can't say im a huge fan of the crackle polish, tho i do really wanna try the croc crackle polish!

This is another Barry M nail polish which two people actually got me for christmas! But i dont mind cos i love it! It only took me two coats to get a good coverage which usually takes more with glitter varnishes and i love how it looks! I put little pink gems on my little finger and the white bow on my thumb using nail glue which kept them on quite well! The only problem with this nail varnish is that it's SOO hard to take off cos of the glitter..

This is one of my favourites I did just before christmas cos it looks all snowy! I used Nubar white nail polish and whilst it was wet shook pink glitter over it so it stuck to the polish and then applied top coat to keep it on, again this was hard to get off cos of the glitter! But i still loooove it!

Barry M nail polishes usually cost 3.99 and Nubar polishes are around £8, the nail gems and bows were from ebay for somewhere around £1!! I used No7 top coat which is i think around £7 and rimmel base coat which i think is about £3/4

No7 Nail Polish!

I've just painted my nails with No7 nail polish in Foxglove 80 and love it! It looks a bit different on camera but the colour is kinda between these two pictures..

The brush is flat instead of round so its soo easy to paint on, its quite a thin consistency so goes on really smoothly but as it's high pigment the colour doesn't go all see through and horrible! I used a rimmel 'stronger' base coat, two coats of the No7 purple colour and topped it with No7 top coat which i also love as it dries your nails really quickly without leaving them tacky for ages! I keep stroking my nails cos they feel so smooth and nice!

Rimmel 'stronger' base coat

No7 Foxglove 80

No7 top coat

First post!

This is my first post!!
I decided to make a blog as i always look at other peoples blogs and find them really interesting and thought it would be fun to make one myself! 
Basically i plan on posting product reviews and tips, OOTD's, wishlists and allsorts of things really!
I hope people actually read it and enjoy it haha! xx