Friday, 27 July 2012

Recent buys

Hey guys! 

I do love where I live :)

How nice has this sunny weather been?! I have been loving going out in little summer dresses and sandals! Anyway, just a quick haul post whilst i've got a bit of time to write one, I have been so busy working and going out in the sun and other random boring things! These are from a few shopping trips in the past couple of weeks, my trying not to buy any new clothes is not going so well!...

New Look - £6 (I think) in the sale from about £12 i think! Size 8
Primark - £6 Size 8 - this isn't blousy material it's cotton and it is sooo soft and comfy! I want more colours..
Superdrug - Oh god about £4.99 on offer from £6.99 I think?! Sorry this was like 2 weeks ago! Whilst I do love my Crazy Angel tan, my skin has become alot more dry and so using a liquid tan seemed to dry it out more and start coming off all patchy, so I bought this lotion which I love it has stayed on longer and came off gradually with only a tiny bit off patchiness, will definitely be repurchasing!
Sallys - about £3.67 or something, this backcombing brush is my new love! It was used on my hair at the hairdressers and so I bought my own cos it is so quick and easy to give amazing backcombing!
A make up stall - £2.50 Revlon nail polish in a lemon colour, I don't usually do colours like this and so I'm not actually sure if I like this or not!
Primark - £3 Size small, the one piece of clothing I would much rather have in a large!
New look - £3 in sale from about £6 I think - Size 8, this is the back! the front is just plain
New Look - £5.99 Size 8, the front is just plain
Primark - £6 Size 8
Next - £10 on sale from £20 Size 10, please trust me when I say these look better on! I will tryyy to do an outfit post ( I keep saying this about things) but I can never get good pictures as I take them on my phone!
New Look - £7 on sale from about £22/25.99 Size 10, I have to start swimming cos of my EDS and I have been trying to find a costume which doesn't have any cut out bits but isn't just your plain black speedo costume and it has been impossssible!! So I just thought oh well the scar is going to have to come out (this has a low back like a bikini and just a strap across the back) but I love the pattern anyway so I'm sure it can make up for the cut out back :)
Boots - Half price about £1.74 - I had run out of conditioner and am a big fan of herbal essences as they smell so good, always make my hair super soft and I know they can fade colour but that's not something I have to worry about! I don't use a full set though, I have dazzling shine shampoo, beautiful ends conditioner and seductively straight mask!
Boots - about £2.75 - I have been meaning to get this for a while as I always lose the little glue that comes with eyelashes and I am so impressed, it is quite a big bottle for just £2.75, I expected about £4/5!
Boots - £1.99 - I've been using this for a while now and whilst I wouldn't say it's bad I wouldn't say it's reaaally good, I keep meaning to look for a good one! But this is good enough for me until then :)
Boots - about £4.75 - this is a repurchase as this ran out and I got it again is when my nails are in bad condition after extensions it does seem to help them strengthen up and not be so thin and breakable!
Next - £1 - I got this as I wanted a lilac colour and it was only £1 from £2.50 in the sale and i'm really disappointed with it! When you put it on your nails it is really blue, I painted one nail and took it back off and I won't be using it again!
Primark - £2 in sale from £4 Size 8 - I have another of these and I love them! They are so easy to throw on and sit really nicely, the scallops are a bit annoying as they always fold up but I don't mind! And for £2?! who could resist :)
Primark - £3 Size 20 - okay you may be wondering why I bought a size 20.. well I nearly bought this a while ago when it was full price at £6 in a size 8 which was a normal tight tshirt but I just didn't, now today they had it in the sale and only had a size 20 left but I tried it on and I actually really like it long and baggy!
Primark - £10 Size 10 as there were no 8's left but it fits fine! I bought this as I had an interview where I had to wear all black and all my work blouses are white/cream!
H&M - £12.99 Size 10 - I also bought this for the interview and as I needed a new black skirt for work when it's too hot for trousers! This is just perfect as it's fitted but not tight and it's above the knee but not short and not one of those ridiculously long ones! It did have a little thin pink belt but I took it off!
 Okay so that is everything I've bought in the past two weeks or so! I swear when I do these posts I just think 'I have really strange fashion style' but actually I swear I don't have a particular style, I just get what I like and it's not one particular style I have! (I am making no sense...) But anyway, I hope you like what I bought and I promise I will try and find somewhere I can balance my camera where the lighting etc is good so I can actually do outfit posts and you can see what these things I buy look like actually on!

PS: I realise you may not find this as funny as me, but look at my little grumpy kitty 

I swear he is just looking at me like WOT U LOOKIN AT, oh i love my kitttty 

Hope you all have a good weekend, woohoo! 

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Real techniques core collection

Hellllo everyone! :)

Hope you've had a day much more interesting than mine, today has seemed to go on FOREVER! I've finished college but i'm still trying to find a job so i'm only working part time, all my friends are at work or on holiday so my days off are just so ridiculously boring! Although I did make some cookies which are ever so yummmy :)

So for my birthday my little sister bought me this set of make up brushes which I have been wanting for so long! From left to right, there is a contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and a buffer brush and they are THE softest brushes ever!

 I have used these brushes every day since i've had them and I just love them! I did think the foundation brush was a bit small at first but it's actually grown on me and is good for getting round places like your nose! I then use the detailer brush for concealer which is great as it's so small, you can also use it for your lips but I don't want to get lip product on it as I use it for concealer every day! The buffer brush has got to be my favourite, it is SO soft and it does feel literally like it's buffing your powder onto your skin and so makes it look so smooth and doesn't leave you with a strange powdery face! I do use a different brush for bronzer/blushed but I use the contour brush to apply bronzer on either side of my nose to try and make the thing look smaller! Also, they come in a black case which you can fold into a stand as it is in the above picture, though I do tend to keep the case flat.

Overall, I am so happy with these brushes I absolutely love them and I can't wait to add to my collection! I would definitely recommend these brushes, they are easy to use, great quality and so don't malt, look nice and make your make up look much smoother. Do any of you guys use the Real Techniques brushes? Let me know if you would recommend any of their other brushes as I would love to know which ones are good!

Emily xxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Remington volumiser hot brush

Hey guys! :)
Hope you're all having a good start to the week!

 So for my birthday my sister got me the remington volumiser, I'd seen it advertised and loved the look of it but was a bit sceptical about whether it actually did what it says, but I loveeee it!

It's basically just a big round brush that plugs in and heats up, you literally just wrap your hair round it like you would a roller and hold it for ten seconds, then when you press the purple button it lets the brush bit spin so the hair can unravel. It is literally so easy to do, although it did hurt my arm a bit holding it up as I am a little weakling! It probably took me about half an hour to do my whole hair including a bit of back combing! 

I've used it twice now and I just love it because getting volume into my hair is like mission impossible and then this comes along and does it in half an hour! For some reason it went a bit more curly the second time I used it but I don't mind it, I love it both ways! It did drop a tiny bit but literally a tiny bit, I woke up the next day and could have left my hair exactly as it was!

So I would 100% recommend this, it is my new favourite thing ever! And it's only £17.99 in Boots at the minute but still usually only £22.99 which is amaaaazing! I am literally so happy with this thing haha!

Have any of you guys tried this or anything similar? If so let me know what you think of it, if not, get one!!

Emily xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My 18th birthday!

Hey guys!!

Ahhh i've been gone so long! Sorrrry I havn't posted in a while been manic busy with birthday celebrations and working and allll that! 

 I had such a good birthday and am so lucky to have got so many nice things! My mum and stepdad are getting me a car, eee! I havn't actually got it yet but I think i'm getting a KA :) My dad got me some champagne, a few little bits and some money :) I also got money and a few presents from my aunties and uncles, my nan gave me some money and a gorgeous little bracelet! 

I also got a few things which I will be doing reviews on! My little sister got me some sleep rollers and a set of Real Techniques brushes, I havn't used the rollers yet but I have used the brushes and they are soooooo soft and amazing!! My older sister got me the remington volumiser which is the thing which looks like a big round brush but plugs in and heats up, I've used it once and I am in love with it!! 

My wonderful brushes :)
Please ignore the ridiculous tipsy pose, this is my hair after using the remington volumiser :)
 My best friend got me so many little presents the gift bag looked like a lucky dip! She knows me so well and got me so many nice things, we are so similar! We went out for dinner with my family and had the same starter, same meal, same cocktails and were saying the same thing at the same time haha!

This is the things she got me! Make up bag, nail varnishes, lipstick, blusher, bronzer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lash curlers, hair mask, fake tan, whitening toothpaste, my favourite lotion and showergel, barbie and minnie mouse things, chocolate, rainbow drops, 18 badge, spearmint polos, shot glasses, so many little things I love! These took me forever to open haha! 

A couple of my other best friends went together to buy me these lovely presents!...

Again, all these things are typical me! I am obsessed with knickers and still have a fair few in my drawer I havn't worn yet, ooops.. I now have three more gorgeous pairs :) This barbie top is so cool! It starts as a normal tshirt and you can get it cut how you want in the shop, they got it cut into a slight v-neck and the sides are cut quite low, looks so cute! They even got me these sweets you can only get on holiday which I loveeee, how cute :) Disaranno, jagermeister, peach schnapps, strawberry schnapps, some kind of apple thing and sex on the beach, yummmmmy yummy! Also a lollipop in the shape of a willy haha!

I even got two cakes! My mum makes THE best cakes everrrr, and she made me this yummmmy pink one..

The second one I got when I went out for a family meal, I warn you now, if you are one of those that gets embarrassed when people sing you happy birthday, do not go to TGI Fridays!! So I was just sitting with about 15 of my family when out comes the waiter with a big cake, makes me stand up holding it and calls the whole restaurants attention to get EVERYONE to sing happy birthday to me, oh. my. god. Seriously this was so embarrassing I thought I was gonna have to get my inhaler out actually couldn't breathe! Anyway, how amazing is this cake!

 How coool is this cake!! Three layers of chocolate, flake, buttons and strawberrries mmmm! I honestly thought this had been bought until my sister told me my cousin made it! How amazing is she!! 

I also went out into town with a couple of my friends, only two could come as my friends were in magaluf but it was still such a goood night! They're back now so we're going to all be going out! 

 Bralet - Topshop £30 Size 8 (it doesn't have black fluff on it, it's a whistle hahah!)
Skirt - Primark £10 Size 10
Shoes - Liverpool St.Johns £20 Size 4

Please ignore my absolute pigsty of a room haha! Clothes and presents everywhere! 

Me and my best friend Sophie :)
Blue lagoon and cheeky v, mmm mmmm mmmmmm
Sophie, me and Lianne looking ever so sober
Yes, there were 40 year old men in nappies and dummies
 It was such a funny night and I had such a good time, despite a few too many jagerbombs resulting in falling over and bruises with unknown causes! I have blabbed so much in this post but I am just so happy with the many many nice things I got and how much of a good time I had! :)

I have got quite a few posts i'm planning on doing very soon including a haul, OOTN, reviews on the remington volumiser, sleep rollers and real techniques brushes etc. so hopefully I shall be posting very often instead of disappearing for a week! 

I'm now going to go and fake tan ready for going out again tomorrow, woopeee :) I hope you didn't get bored with my blabbing on and on!!  Have a great evening and don't get too depressed, mondays aren't so bad! 

Emily :) xxx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

HAUL: Liverpool and sales yesterday

Hey guys! 

Hope you're all having a good week, i'm just at home looking after my little sister whilst my mums at the hair dressers! I just got off the phone for a telephone interview for a job training as a Bobbi Brown make up artist which was successful and so i've gotta have a face to face interview, eeee! 

So i've finally sorted out the pictures of my Liverpool haul! I also went shopping yesterday so i'll show you what I bought then too :)

I went to Liverpool the Saturday before last and already had my outfit for the night so the haul is mainly jewellery!...

Ahhh my gorgeous shoes! St. Johns market £20
Bracelet - Primark £3
Bracelet - Primark £3
Set of 3 bracelets - H&M £2.99
Star ring - Primark £2
My camera would just NOT focus on this ring!! New Look - £2.99
These are joint together at the bottom and yes they do actually go to the top of my finger.. Primark - £2
Earrings - H&M £3.99
New Look £14.99 This actually broke and I had to take it back :(
Pink blazer - Primark £15 - Size 10
I also bought some black leggings but didn't bother taking a picture of those and I bought a Collection 2000 lip liner in a pale pinky colour but i've lost it :( So that's everthing I got in Liverpool :) yesterday I popped into town 'just to take back the clutch bag' and told myself I wouldn't buy anything....

As you can see, my 'not buying anything' didn't go so well... I am honestly sure I have an addiction to shopping!!! Plus the sales were on so I got a lot for my money!

Black zippy purse - H&M £1.99 I bought this just for putting in my clutch bag on nights out when my purse is too big!
Tinkerbell long necklace - New Look £5 £1.25 sale! I LOVE this! I've been wanting a long gold necklace and I am obsessed with Tinkerbell!
Bag - Primark £9 I don't actually like the little scarf thing so i've taken it off!
Dress - Primark £6 I already have this in black and have been wanting the white one for AGES but they never have my size and I found this hiding on it's own, yayy! Size 10, my black one is an 8 but this will be okay!
White vest top - Primark £2 Size 6
Lace skirt - Primark £10 Size 10 This looks so much better on and has a better shape on, i'm sure it will be in an outfit post sometime soon!
Bralet - New Look £12.99 £7 sale Size 8
Clutch bag - New Look £12.99 I got this to replace the other one as they didn't have another of that one!
Lace dress - River Island £25 £12 sale Size 10
Shorts - River Island £25 £10 Size 10 These are so cool! I actuallly am in love with these!
This is everything I bought yesterday which came to about £60/70 which I think is amazing! I was a bit naughty considering I said I wasn't going to buy anything but I did get some bargains and worked extra hours last week! So this is me justifying it haha!

These are the clothes I wore at the L'Oreal hair show...

Mint jeans - Topshop £40 £25 Size 10 Excuse the creases, I took this after wearing them at the show!
Bralet - Topshop £30 Size 8
I love both of these!! So happy I got to keep them! 

Well that is the end of my very picture heavy post! Hope you like the things I've picked up recently and hopefully you've found yourselves some bargains in the sales too! I better go get ready for work now, hope you all have a nice afternoon!

Emily xxx