Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Holiday haul! Mainly Primark

In a week and two days  (eeee!) i'm off to Spain for a week with my girlfrrrriends! So all i've been doing before/after/between shifts at work is shopping, lots. The majority of what i've bought is from Primark seeing as i'm only going to be wearing most of it for a week I didn't want to spend too much, although all of this added to the clothes I already have is probably way too much! But hey, a girl can't resist 18 pairs of shorts. (Yes, really.)

Disney t-shirt: £6 - this fits perfectly!
Black and white cropped vests: £2 each
'Detroit' long vest: £3
Polka dot top: £3
Sunset t-shirt: £3
All Primark 

Coloured shorts: £5 each Primark

Long thin cardigans: £3 each from £8
Both Primark 

Coral dress: £5 - I also have this in white and black
Kaftan: £12 - I LOVE this
Both Primark

La senza sale! Top to bottom: £7, £10, £10, £4

Minnie Mouse towel: £6
Ice creams towel: £6
Both Primark

Black flower sandals: £6/8
Flips flops: Both £1
Jelly sandals: £3 from £5ish
Turqoise sandals: £5/6
All Primark 

My gorgeous wonderful beautiful new babies! £27.99 from New Look - the most comfortable and easy to walk in heels ever!

Cream quilted bag: £17.84 from Ebay here

Small purse: £2.92 from Ebay here

Hair dye: £5ish Wilkinsons
Hask hair oil: £2.50 Primark - tiny but lasts ages and makes my hair so soft!
Face masks: £1ish? Impulse purchase in Wilkinsons

Garnier gradual tan: £3.69 from £7.49 Superdrug
Nivea sun cream: £8.48 from £16.99 Superdrug -this smellll!!! ahhh
MUA nail polih: £1! Superdrug

Studded clutch bag: £6
All jewellery between £1.50 to £3
Knickers between £1 to £1.70
Frilly socks: £1.50 each
Sunglasses case: £2
All Primark 

Hat: £3 Tiger
Plasters: £1/2 Tiger - these are so adorable and will make rubbing sandals not so bad
Candles: £1.50 Primark - obviously not for holiday but smell gorgeous!


Grey blazer: £11 from £15 Primark
Sleeveless blouse: £8 Primark
Aztec playsuit: £14.99 from the New Look kids section! If you're size 8/10 you will fit age 14! Exciting discovery right there. 

Shorts: £3 each Primark - I also have a black pair cos' these are so comfy to wear on the beach or in bed!

Multi-coloured aztec bikini: £4 Primark - I think I might have shown this before but I wasn't sure, so here you go again
Top bikini: £16 Boohoo
Bottom right bikini: £12 Boohoo

Black top: £4.99
Maxi skirts: £14.99 each
Knickers: 3 for £7 - i'm currently wearing the other pair so we can't be photographing those.

Garnier after sun: £4.99 from £9.99 - I used to have this on family holidays and it smells SO frickin' good!!
Camomile and lemon balm conditioner: £1.29 - I usually buy the Naked version but thought for this price I may aswell try it!
Orginal source shower gel: £1.15 from £2.30
Rimmel lipstick: £4.99

So that's everything i've got for holiday so far, except for things I already own so I definitely think I have enough.. There's just a few random bits left to get like bite cream (mosquitos love me) and plug adapters and other extremely exciting things! Knowing me I will have forgotten at least one thing so any reminders will be much appreciated! :)

Emily xxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

OOTD: The sun has got his hat on

Bralet top: New Look last year
Maxi skirt: New Look £15.99
Sandals: Primark £6/8

I'm so happy the sun has treated us to an appearance! I had the day off work so me and a friend spent the day in town in the sun and then came back to my house and had a walk round the feilds. I wore no jacket what so ever all day and these pictures were taken at about 8 o'clock so it was definitely a lovely day!

This skirt is a new purchase along with SO freakin' much i've been buying recently.. I go on holiday in two weeks so i've been buying a hell of a lot of stuff! Probably too much but I just can't resist, 90% of it is from Primark so there will be a huge haul coming up! 

Emily xxx