Friday, 28 September 2012

10 day challenge: day two

Hey guys! :)

So today is day two of the challenge, I thought i'd make it more interesting by using pictures for my answers :)

 DAY TWO: nine loves

1. CATS! So I havn't had work today and me and my mum being bored decided to youtube videos of funny cats, we both love cats and have been crying with laughter!

2. Tinkerbell! I have always loved Tinkerbell since I was little and still do! I have loads of Tinkerbell things and my favourite thing is this hoodie of mine :)

3. So this one time at college, we did a spray tan course and I turned out like a burnt chicken. Okay so this is really unattractive but my third love is fake tan, just not this dark!! 

4. My best friend! So one day we were bored and were sending each other pictures we made on paint hahaha weirdos, this was like a year ago but these pictures still make me laugh, and yes we are still just as strange.. We are like two peas in a pod (even though she's scared of peas and thinks they have eyes)

5.  PINK! You name it I got it, I have EVERYTHING in pink literally! Pink tops, jackets, coat, jeans, shorts, shoes, pyjamas, slippers, bags, undies, blankets, pillows, suitcase, radio, just everything basically is pink :)

6. My little sister :) she is the cutiest thing ever and is a mini me! She loves all the things I do (including chocolate, obviously) and she just the bestestttt

7. Dance! I used to do dance but I'm not allowed now due to my EDS, but I still love it and love watching it! I literally get goosepimples watching people dance and I so so wish I was allowed to do it :( The picture is when I was like 12 or something at a dance show hahahahaha im top right

8. Youtube! Although I don't make my own, I love watching beauty videos and hauls etc, I guess you know the type of videos I mean, the video versions of these blogs I'd say! I think it looks so fun to make videos but I dunno if i'll ever do it, looks a bit scary and I'd definitely build up my blog first :) picture above is a print screen of a video by Macbarbie07, one of my favourites :)

9. You guys! I know my blog isn't huge but I still find it amazing that 84 people are interested in reading my posts and thank you so much for following me! :)

So I hope you enjoyed my 9 loves and again let me know if you're doing this challange! :)

Emily xxx

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