Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Collection 2000 Perfect Finish foundation

Hey guys! So i'd been using Rimmel 25 hour foundation for ages but i've started wearing less fake tan and when I wanted to find a suitable foundation colour I couldn't find one to match. We sell Rimmel and Collection 2000 at work and so I went and put god knows how many foundations and colours on my hands and decided on this one...

 The first reason I liked this one was that the colour was perfect! I tried it on my hand but I also put a bit on my jaw line and it literally was perfect for me. It has yellow undertones instead of pink which is a must for me, I will never understand pink undertones in foundation, who wants to look pink! I put it on my hand next to my usual Rimmel 25 hour and although it says it is medium coverage, i'd say it's actually got really good coverage without being like you've painted your face! It's also buildable, I put it all over my face and then I always put a tiny bit more on my cheeks and nose as they're always red as tomatoes!

The bottle says:
''Air whipped liquid foundation. Leaves skin looking flawless and airbrushed to perfection. Medium coverage. SPF 20. Oil free.''

I would say that it makes my skin look really smooth and does have an airbrushed look. My skin doesn't look 'flawless' but considering I have LOTS of freckles, redness and quite a few little scars it makes my skin look a lot better! I also think it stays put longer than the Rimmel 25 hour foundation, it's not perfect when I come back from work but it does stay fairly well.

The colour I got is number 4 - natural beige, there is only six shades and considering i'm fairly pale, I wouldn't say their range of shades is very good. However, if you do match one of the shades I do think it's a good foundation! It cost £4.99 for 30ml which is average for a drug store foundation.

So overall i'm really happy with this foundation and would recommend it if you like a good coverage whilst still looking fairly natural and havn't got loads to spend (i'm saving for car insurance, boooo) I can not wait to drive though :)

Emily xxx

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