Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How I clean my make up brushes

Hey guys!

So I know this post is done alot in the blogging world and I also do this in the way lots and lots of people do, but I thought i'd share it with you just incase you're not sure on how to do this or what to use :)

Selection of brushes and Johnson baby shampoo, I use this as brushes obviously are made of hair and being a baby shampoo it's really gentle and so won't hurt your delicate little brushes :) it also smells really nice and isn't too expensive when you're just using it on your brushes!

You only need a small blob per brush, maybe a bit more for bigger brushes like powder brushes or kabuki brushes!

I just wet the brush and swirl it all around in the shampoo and then rinse it off, sometimes I do this twice if i'm unsure it's totally clean and also really make sure you get all of the shampoo out! 

 Then I just lay them out to dry overnight and they will be all clean and dry and ready to use in the morning, yay :)

So that's how I like to do it, I know some people use other things but I like the baby shampoo as it's nice and gentle and smells goooood. Let me know if there is some miracalous amazing brush cleaner I should be using :)

Emily xxx


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