Friday, 19 October 2012


Hey guys!:)

So when I made this blog, the name was only supposed to be temporary. I just couldn't think of anything cool and interesting and I wanted to start it up so bad that I just did this boring name and thought i'd change it when I thought of something, well I still havn't thought of anything! So this is where you come in hehe...

PLEASE help me and think of a name for my little blog I think she deserves more than just 'emily's blog' but I just have no idea! If you've been reading my blog for a while you probably know what i'm like and so you may just be able to help me out here :) I hope so anyway!

So yeah please please please (i'm begging right now!) comment if you have any ideas, even if it's not a whole name even if it's just a word that could be incorporated into it that you think suits me I just need a more interesting name for little bloggy here :)

And because I don't like writing posts without pictures...

How adorable is this kittttyy!! hehe it looks all grumpy and cute :)

Emily xxx


  1. aw! that kitten is gorgeous, he does look so grumpy though! haha, bless him.
    as for a blog name, i struggled with mine so goodness knows! i always like those named after yourself, like full names or really simple ones, i kinda regret mine being so long now.
    hope you're well,
    laura xx

  2. I know how cute haha :) Ah it's so hard isn't it! I think i definitely want my name in it somewhere! :)xx