Monday, 15 October 2012

My skin care routine

Hey guys!

So I find it really interesting and useful to see what skincare products people use, especially if they have the same skin type as me! My skin is extremely sensitive and a bit problematic so my routine is a mixture of sensitive high street products and also prescription products. I don't splash out loads on skincare products as I react to alot of products and also cheaper things sometimes have less ingredients which can actually be a good thing for my skin! So...

1. Every evening I take my eye make up off using No7 Beautiful Skin eye make up remover which I love! I take a damp peice of cotton wool and put some eye make up remover on it then hold it on my eye for a few seconds before gently wiping my eye make up off. It is quite greasy but I don't see this as a problem because if i'm taking my make up off i'm going to bed! It's really gentle on my eyes and along with taking off your make up it actually cares for your lashes and has definitely made mine longer! It costs £8.50 from Boots but I usually buy it when I have one of the £5 off vouchers which makes it just £3.50!

2. I double cleanse my face both in the morning and night (so a total of 4 times) using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and cellulose sponges. This cleanser was recommended to my mum as she also has sensitive and slightly problematic skin as it is really gentle and after she really liked it I started using it and I really love it. It's really effective at removing my make up and also really gentle, it doesn't leave my skin feeling at all dry or tight and doesn't give me spots. It's quite hard to get hold of in shops and we have to get it ordered into a chemist specially but you can buy it on their website for £8.99 plus postage, they also do moisturisers and body products. A cheaper cleanser I really like is the Superdrug own brand one which is completely plain and fragrance free and I think it costs about £1/£2! I use the cellulose sponges as these are really good at getting all the product off, I bought mine in the pharmacy I work in but i'm sure you could get them in most beauty stores.

3. After cleansing my face I apply Dalacin T lotion which contains Clindamycin Phosphate, this is a prescription product but if you're having trouble finding a product/medication which really works for your skin ask your doctor for this! I tried tablets and other gels which only slightly worked but as soon as I used this my skin has cleared up almost completely! I have never had terrrible acne, I was just getting a fair few spots and my EDS makes me scar easily so every spot would leave me with a red scar. So if you have really mild acne I would definitely recommend asking the doc for this! It also gives me no side effects and no dry skin which is amazing! I apply this twice a day so after cleansing in the morning I put it on under my make up and after taking my make up off at night I apply it.

4. After the lotion I apply Nivea Soft moisturiser (which I forgot to put in the picture!) which is just a really nice simple and gentle moisturiser which smells so nice! This leaves my skin so so soft like a baby's bottom :) It costs about £2 something in Boots

5. I also have Panoxyl 10 Aquagel which is 10% benzoyl peroxide which is also a prescription item. I used to apply this to my face every night but now my skin has cleared up I just apply it when I get a spot just on that area and it helps it to go down. I'm glad I don't apply this daily any more as it is quite drying!

6. Once a week I use the OXY seaweed power clear pore exfoliant to scrub off those dead skin cells and refresh my skin! I only use this once a week as it is quite a rough one! I'm not overly sure if I like it that much to be honest but it does take off the dead skin and make my skin fairly soft. I think this is about £4

7. Also once a week I use bio-oil to massage into my face after cleansing before I go to bed, I LOVE doing this! It makes me so relaxed, smells so good and makes my skin bright and radiant even the next morning! I wouldn't use this in the morning as it is an oil and so does leave your face oily! I will be doing a full review on this and maybe a post showing how to do facial massage which I learnt in my college course. I have the largest bottle as I actually bought it to use on my operation scar.. It costs around £20 but is SO worth it!

8. The last thing I use on my skin is the Superdrug chamomile facial cleansing wipes. Now I would definitely not recommend using face wipes every day if you have skin like mine as they do not deep cleanse your skin, the only time I use these is when I get in from a night out and am not in the right state to be properly cleansing my face! I don't really like doing this but it's so easy and definitely better than leaving your make up on which you should nevvverrrr do!! If I do this I make sure I thoroughly cleanse my face the next morning. I've never been able to find make up wipes which don't irritate my skin but these are the best i've found, they do make my face a tiny bit itchy and tingly but I can deal with it and it's fine once I've cleansed the next day :) These wipes are about £1

Okay so that is my complete skincare routine! I hope this has been useful or helpful, you can ask me any questions about my routine or products in the comments and i'll be happy to answer :)

Emily xxx

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