Saturday, 27 October 2012

LUSH wishlist!

Hey guys! 

So i've never really been a huge fan of LUSH, it's not that I don't like it or anything it's just never really appealed to me that much and I've never thought that much about it. I do love their colour supplement and I've bought the odd bath bomb here and there but I only go in there the odd time. However... recently I've seen so many of their products on blogs and youtube videos I've started to get really interested in them and there is quite a few I want to try, they look so cool and really fun! So I've been having a browse on their website and I have concocted (is that a word?) a list of the things I neeed to try!!

Golden Wonder bath bomb- £3.25
Were you expecting this from it?! I wasn't! It goes blue and green and has yellow stars in it, how pretty! Image from
Twilight bath bomb - £3.20

This reminds me of those pink and blue fizzy bottle sweets, mmm!
Enchanted bath bomb - £3.20

Amazing! This is my favourite bath bomb I seriously need to try this!
Melting Snowman bath melt - £1.95 Adorable!!
Sandy Santa - £2.95 The best looking exfolaitor you have ever seen right! Hello stocking filler
FUN - £5 This is basically play dough so you can make things with it but you can use it to wash you body and hair, so cooool right
Colour Supplement in Light Yellow - £8.50 This would be a repurchase, I use this as a concealer but mine is running out, booo. It lasts for everrrrrrrrr
 So that's it for my wishlist, my favourite things would have to be the enchanted bath bomb and the christmas items as I am such a child! I will definitely be purchasing at least some of these, I have sensitive skin but I can deal with being pink and itchy for a while for an amazing coloured bath! That's if i react to it of course, does anyone know if these are good on sensitive skin?!

What's your favourite LUSH product? :)

Emily xxx 

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