Thursday, 11 October 2012

MUA eyeshadow in Pearl

Helllo again! 

So I bought this MUA eyeshadow in the shade Pearl (why is it called pearl, pearl makes me think creamy shimmery white!) without really looking at it that much at all, just thought it looked pretty and it was only £1 so I got it. I thought it was just a nice shimmery brown colour but when I looked properly at home it actually is quite purply, i've never been a fan of purple eyeshadows as I feel like they make me look like i've been punched in the eye but I thought this was actually quite handy to try out purple without it being too bold! I am so glad I bought this now as I love the colour! I don't look like i've been punched in the eye, it's a twist on my usual natural smoky brown eye and I think it's a lovely colour for autumn.

I've been wearing it with an e.l.f. brown cream eyeshadow and having the MUA shadow on the outer corner. I would say it is slightly more purple than shows up in the picture but still a browny purple so if you're thinking about trying purple but are a bit worried like I was I would definitely recommend this! It's only £1 so nothing to lose really :)

I was also really surprised at the quality and pigment of this shadow considering the price, I would definitely say it's just as good as other drug store brands which can be about £5! It also stays on all day which is great, I will definitely be looking to try some more MUA eyeshadows now! This range has really impresssed me with it's quality for the small price you pay

If you're looking for a nice autumn shade to update your look for the season I definitely recommend this!:)

Emily xxx