Monday, 29 October 2012

October wishlist!

Hey guys!

So throughout October I've seen alot of things I want but there are a few main bits I reaaaally want! I'm only working part time and trying to save for car insurance so I'm really trying not to spend money :( I'm hoping i'll get some money for Christmas and then maybe these bits will be in the sale! Even though that seems AGES away!

  I'm not really supposed to wear shoes like these but I can deal with hurting ankles and knees to wear these the odd time.. I didn't really like this shape of shoe at first but they've really grown on me and I love this colour with the studs! 
I've been wanting a leather jacket for sooo long but never wanted to spend the money, this is a bit stupid really cos I would wear it all the time, I think I will definitely be purchasing one when I get some money! I love this one as it has knitted sleeves which makes it a bit different and more casual which I like. 
The Lipsy top I havn't been wanting for ages, I've only just seen it but I love it and think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans for a night out. 
The missguided knot top/dress I've wanted for soooo long, I love this shape and the patterns they do are amazing, this is my favourite one! 
I've been wanting dark green jeans ever since I saw someone looking lovely in them a few weeks ago, I think they're an amazing colour for winter and would look great with a leather jacket. 
The moustache earrings I actually want for November as it's Movember and obviously I don't have a moustache to grow but still want to show my support for prostate cancer which I lost my uncle to.
I love this Topshop skirt and think it would look great on a night out and also on a cold day with some tights and a coloured cable knit jumper tucked in. It's also a great shape to hide my little pot belly...
Okay this bag is amazing. Someone came into my work with it and I was like OMG it is beautiful. I think it would be worth the £40 as it's a good size, black goes with everything and the stud detailing is gorgeous!
The cross ring from River Island i've been wanting for a while as I love rings and it's just a simple one to pair with others.  I have no idea why i've never picked it up when i've been in there cos i've wanted it for a while...
I love this necklace from New Look, I've never really been one for necklaces but recently I've been really wanting some big necklaces as I think they really jazz up an outfit and add something special to something plain. I like this one as it's gold and hasn't got too much going on so it would be quite easy to put with things.  

So this is my most wanted items at the moment, writing this is making me want to blow all the money I've saved but no I willll have willpower for once!! I will just have to wait, waaaaah. I also want some little ankle boots but can't actually find any I like, perhaps a good thing! 

What things are you needing in your life at the minute?!

Emily xxx 


  1. Loving everything on your wishlist!! :)

  2. I really want some green jeans those are such a nice list. I want this wishlist :)


  3. Ooooh I LOVE that Topshop bag! So cute!

    Rolana xx // @ohsewfashion