Thursday, 25 October 2012

New polishes + NOTD

Hey guys!

So as i'm sure most of you know, Boots have got 3 for 2 on all the beauty products at the minute so I took advantage and got 3 nail polishes! 

Barry M Amethyst Glitter, Barry M Black, Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven

  I've wanted the Amethyst glitter ever since I saw it advertised as it looks sooo pretty! I got black because I don't actually have a black polish, ridiculous I know! And I bought a lilac colour from Next but it was horrible so I got this Rimmel one as I still wanted a lilac :) They were all £2.99 but as it was 3 for 2 I got them all for about £6 which is really good

I couldn't wait to use the glitter so I used it straight away :)...

I used a Rimmel base coat, two coats of the Barry M black, one coat of the glitter and then my No7 top coat. I absolutely love it! I found it so hard to get my camera to focus on it, it only really shows up the bluey colours but it's also got a lot of pink and gold, it's gorgeous! It's also got loads of glitter in it compared to some where you need about 3 coats, you only need one coat, maybe two if you didn't have a colour underneath. I think it would look nice on top of other colours too, i'm so excited about it :)

Have you tried any of the new jewel glitter polishes?

Emily xxx 


  1. What gorgeous nails, they look amazing!! Have followed as I love your blog!! xxx