Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY studs and bows top + mini haul

Hey guys!

So yesterday I had no work or anything just a day in so I was looking at videos on Youtube when I came across macbarbie07's video on how to do bows in tops so I decided to give it a go! I'd had the studs for a while planning to use them so I finally did...

I started with this plain black slightly baggy vest top from h&m
Then I added some studs! You just push them through and fold the pointy bits flat like a butterfly pin
I then cut off the bottom as it was actually quite long and you need some material for the bows
Put some cardboard in the top to protect the front and cut two slits in the back
Cut a small strip from the cut off bit
Then wrap it round the cut section and sew in place to make the bow, you can do as many as you want
Finished front of top
Finished back of top (ignore tramp like hair)
 Okay so I did another smaller bow above the big one but it went wonky so I did another one the other way, I know it's hard to see, sorry for the terrible quality! But yeah basically I so so regret doing that :( I wish I left the back plain! I do like the big bow but as the top's baggy it looks weird and the small ones just look like a dogs eaten it! I love the front of the top so I may wear it if i'm wearing a jacket or something! I might buy a plain black top and do the same studding but leave the back!

This is macbarbie07's bow top which as you can see looks alot better as it's tight and she has better cutting skills than me and my wonky cutting!
 So yeah let me know if you try this out! Now onto my little haul...

Pink Rydale welllies - £20 from the Rydale tent at the Bucks County Show - size 4
Thick black leggings - Primark £6 Size 10 - These are a really thick material, different to normal leggings and not see through at all! They have a seam line down the front which i'm not sure on but don't mind and needed some thick leggings!
Feather necklace - New Look sale £1.25!
Bracelet - Republic £4 - I couldn't get it on by myself and noone was in ha!
Stretchy bead braelets - 6 for £5 on a stall at the Bucks County Show
Black shorts - Primark £5! Size 10 - yay they finally had these in my size! I've wanted these to wear with black tights as they're simple and easy to put with things!
Dippy t-shirt - Primark £5 Size 6 - My usual size 8 seemed too big so I got a size down
Giant bird print scarf! - Primark £4
Blue skinny jeans - Primark £11 Size 10 - These fit perfectly! I also like them with the bottoms folded up a bit
Bird print bed covers - Asda £11! Saw this and thought it was so cute and i've been wanting new bed covers and it was so cheap!
 So yeah that's everything i've bought recently, i've been trying not to spend money recently but I can't help myself so just buy something cheap then it all adds up, huffff! I've also bought a New Look playsuit from ebay for like £4.74! It hasn't come yet but i'll show you when it comes :)

Emily xxx

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  1. That's such a great DIY! You got some great bargains, I'm in love with that duvet cover I think I'm gonna have to buy it xxx