Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Skin therapy bronze self tan mousse - medium skin

Hey guys! :)

How horrible is this weather :( I don't mind it when i'm sitting inside all snuggled up like I am now, but I am not looking to going out in it to go to work later on! However it is a very good excuse to get a new winter hat and cosy jumpers :)

So a few weeks ago I went to put my fake tan on only to realise I had the tiniestttt bit left! I swear it had just suddenly disappeared! I needed to tan that day as I was going to Windsor the next day which is what I was tanning for so there I was having a big old panic! The only place I could get to was Sainsburys so I picked up this fake tan and had to hope for the best...

£9 Sainsburys
So I'd never even heard of this tan before so I was so scared it was gonna turn out terrible, I also discovered that it is a Sainsburys fake tan so I was like oh god is a supermarket tan gonna be any goood?! It's a mousse tan which I also had never used before but I decided I would only find out if I tried it and the risk was better than being all ghosty pale :)

 So if you've never used a mousse tan before this is how it comes out, obviously as a mousse, but when you apply it to your skin it kind of melts into a brown liquid/lotion and goes on easier than I thought it would. The only problem with this is trying to tan your face, trying to put a mousse on your face is a bit awkward! 

It smells nice when you apply it and it does give you a nice shade of colour if that makes sense, it's not too orangey or greeny, it does look really natural! For me, one coat is the perfect colour for face/chest/arms etc but for my legs I like to use two coats as I always like my legs a bit darker!  

Natural leg
Just applied tan
Developed tan
 As you can see this has made my leg a lot darker and is a really nice colour! The only thing I don't like about this tan is that it seems a bit drying and I also find it starts to come off quicker than other tan and goes a bit patchy! I don't think I will purchase this again as I prefer my usual tans, however it isn't a bad tan!

Windsor! (please excuse not so sober face)
This picture is when I went to Windsor with my friends, I am aware Windsor is a strange choice for somewhere to go on a night away, we wanted to go to Brighton but we left it too late and everywhere was booked, as was everywhere else we tried to book! Therefore, Windsor it was! I did have a really good time still and a nice weekend away with my friends :)

I have one coat of Superdrug Solait fake tan all over, one coat of the Skin therapy fake tan on top on just my legs and also Rimmel instant tan on my legs! My dress is £26.99 from Te Amo at New Look and is a size 8, the straps were huge and the dress fell to like half way down my boobs so my mum made the straps shorter for me! My shoes are from St Johns market in Liverpool, my nails I have a bright red Ted Baker nail polish on nail extensions and on my lips I have Collection 2000 Lasting colour lipstick in 14 Mango Tango!

Also I know at least one of you will be thinking OMG her roots are terrible! Yes they were VERY terrible, I recently got my ear snug pierced and I couldn't dye my hair incase I got dye in the piercing, I can assure you that my roots are now non-existent :)

My best friends :) I love this picture :)
So I hope this post was helpful, ask my any questions in the comments and let me know what your favourite fake tan is! I would love love love to know as I love my fake tan haha :) Hope you have a good day and don't get too wet and wind swept in this weather :)

Emily xxx

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