Thursday, 27 September 2012

10 day challenge: day one

Hey guys! :)

So I saw this and thought this would be a fun thing to do and something a bit different to put on my blog! 

 DAY ONE: ten secrets

1. This blog! A few people know I have a blog, but I won't tell anybody what it's called

2. I'm actually quite clever; everyone thinks i'm the typical blonde bimbo but I have got brains!

3. I can not leave the house without make up, even if it's just to the little shop, mainly because of my pale, scarred skin

4. I have loaaads of freckles, most people don't notice because of fake tan and make up but my face is covered in them!

5. I used to be a tom boy.. there's this picture of me in a full football kit, socks and everything

6. I used to be SO shy, I literally never spoke apart from at home, now you're lucky if you get me to shut up!

7. I am obsessed with cats, since I was little i've had over ten cats (not all at once) and I used to be in the Cats Protection club.. my letter got posted in their magazine once yep

8. I'm such a scaredy cat.. I literally can't watch scary films, I was home alone once and a scary advert came on and I literally didn't leave the living room until my parents got in! I also run like Usain Bolt up the stairs when it's dark

9. I have two poems printed in books HAAH this makes me feel like such a dork. I was like 12 and they were school competitions I was made to enter okay :'( and when I was like 12 I did the UK Maths Challenge for 18-21 year olds ahaha :(

10. I have a thing about textures of food/drink, I can't deal with like mushy sloppy things. I can't eat yoghurts, smoothies, mash potato, things like that; ew i'm feeling sick just thinking about it!

So yeah that is my ten secrets! I found that really hard to think of things to put here, I think the other days challenges look a lot easier thankfully! :) Let me know if you do these challenges, i'll find it really interesting to see your answers! :)

THAT picture

Emily xxx

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