Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mike Hough gig + spine update

Hey guys! :)

Seeing as I've been finding it hard to find time to write posts recently, I'm taking advantage of today to write some posts hence why this is my second today! 

Mike Hough is a singer/song writer who I discovered on YouTube and whilst he's not famous he is really popular on youtube/twitter and he is on his way :) If you want to check him out his youtube is howez18 and his twitter is mikehoughmusic :) So yeah, friday night was his LA to London showcase (he's recently been to LA for a few weeks song writing so this was his new music) which was at a club called Surya in Londons Kings Cross. 

It was about two hours and he had a support act on first called Jack Martello who I'd never heard of but he was so good so I'm now stalking him on youtube too haha! Then there was a little break before Mike came on and he was amazinggg :) I got all excitable like a child haha..

Mike Hough

Jack Martello
 Yes I did queue in the rain for ages to be at the front..

 I wore this as I was going out afterwards but didn't want to look toooo dressy for the gig! Playsuit is a New Look playsuit but I bought it second hand from ebay, it's a size 10 and is a little big so kept falling down a bit but I might try and take the straps up! It was only £4.74 including p&p! I just wore my Converse and some frilly socks from River Island :) (hello new obsesssion with frilly socks) My clutch bag is from New Look and I'm wearing the Skin Therapy fake tan I wrote about in my last post (one coat on face/chest/arms etc, two coats on legs).

I wore W7 nail polish in a bright pink colour
Let me know what you think of Mike Hough and Jack Martello if you check them out! :)

So I thought I'd do a little spine update as I had a hospital appointment the other day! If you didn't know I have scoliosis which you can read about in this post

Last year in August I had spinal surgery and so on Monday I had my one year check up! The two vertabrae under the fused bit have slightly tilted but this shouldn't cause any problems and I just have to work on my core muscles! So yeah everything is fine and I can now get rid of all my restrictions I had such as no bending, twisting, laying on my front, no baths etcc. yay i'm so so excited to have a bath! PS: I am not a minger I am allowed to have showers haha.. What perfect timing with this weather :) I've got some Disney princess sparkly bath bubbles and bath confetti at the ready, woohoo! 

 I think I may have mentioned this before but i've been thinking about incorporating my scoliosis and EDS into my blog (read about my EDS in this post) but i'm not too sure.. I didn't know whether to have a whole section on it, or to write update posts or maybe even just talk a little bit about them in my normal posts like tiny updates or to just leave it out completely! I know I like reading what other people write about their scoliosis/EDS or even people with conditions I don't have myself, I just don't know if it's something you guys would like to see on my blog or not?! Please please let me know what you think and what you think I should do about this! And don't feel mean if you want to write nooo don't do it haha! I just wanna know whether you think I should include it or not :)

Emily xxx

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