Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: OXY seaweed power clear pore exfoliant + OOTD

Hellloo! Hope everyone is enjoying the sound of the rain on the windows! :)

So I've been looking for an exfoliant for a while now, I didn't want a daily one as I didn't want to add more time to my skin care routine! It has been so hard for me to find one that isn't a daily one and also that doesn't contain nuts due to my allergy, but I finally came across this which was also on offer at the time, woohoo :) I think it was around £3, I got it a few weeks ago so i'm doing the review now after having used it for about a month..

What the tube says:

-No alcohol
-No parabens

Scientifically proven to reduce spot causing bacteria, redness and excess oil production; proven to reduce spots in 48 hours

Anti-spot: reduces spot causing bacteria, cleans pores deeply, suitable for sensitive skin

Contains provitamin B5

So i've been using this for about a month 2 times a week (the tube says 2/3 times) and whilst i'm not overly impressed it does what it's supposed to and it does make my skin really soft after I've used it. It smells really nice and fresh and looks appealing with it's little blue and green dots in and reminds me of the sea (don't worry it doesn't smell like fish)! 
As it's not a daily one it is quite rough which is what I wanted, however it did actually leave my skin quite red. The redness did go down and my skin was left so soft; it did make my skin look clean and fresh but it wasn't glowing or radiant at all! Whilst it does leave my skin really soft, that's about all it does; it hasn't reduced spots although I don't tend to get too many, touch wood! and the few black heads I have on my nose and chin havn't been reduced or gone at all.. 

So I will keep using it for now as it does make my skin feel clean, fresh and soft and i'm finding it so hard to find a non-daily exfoliator with no nuts in! However I am still on the look out for a more effective option so please let me know if you know of one! 

Now this is cheating a bit really as this is what I wore yesterday, not today, but I'm sure what I wear to work in a pharmacy is not the most interesting outfit of the day!

Top - New Look over a year ago for about £8 in the sale I think?! 

Shorts - Very old New Look shorts which I DIY dyed pink, cut and frayed and added a studded belt
Tights - Primark £2.50
Over-sized scarf - Primark £4 (this is new and I LOVE it!)
Bag - Primark £9

Writing this has made me realise what a cheap outfit this is, woohoo!  I also wore my complete black converse with this :)

So hopefully this review has been helpful and please let me know of any good exfoliators! :)

Emily xxx

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