Thursday, 13 September 2012

My favourite mascara for just £1.99!

Hey guys :) so after writing about the rain yesterday it's now sunny! What is going on :)

Without mascara
With mascara
 So this is my favourite mascara! It's the Natural Collection lash build mascara which costs just £1.99! I have been using this for years and it has remained my favourite. I've tried so many mascaras such as Colossal and Great Lash and even YSL mascaras, and this is still my firm favourite! 

I don't have particularily long eyelashes at all and this makes them look so much longer and thicker, so many times I have been asked if i'm wearing false lashes! I curl my lashes and apply 2/3 coats and voila, I don't have to add more coats than other mascaras or anything. It also stays on really well, I never reapply my mascara throughout the day unless I want to top it up before going out in the evening or something, though I usually wear false lashes in the evening! 

I would 100% recommend this mascara to everybody! I can't believe this is only £1.99 when I've tried mascaras up to £25 and not had the same effect! As you can probably tell from looking at my blog posts, I don't tend to spend loads of money on things, using drug store brands and getting most of my clothes from Primark/New Look/the sales! However buying this mascara has nothing to do with the price, it genuinely is the best one for me and I would still buy it if it was more expensive! :)

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? Tell me what you think about it and what your favourites are :)

Emily xxx


  1. Oooo wow I may have to try this! Your lashes look amazing :)

  2. That's so good! I'm addicted to Maybelline but for £1.99 I might try this out xxx