Monday, 25 March 2013

Primark haul

I've been a bit naughty recently. I'm supposed to be saving for car insurance but I just can't resist all these pretty things in the shops. If I get into town early before work or have a break between a double shift I always end up 'window shopping' which turns into actual shopping. Oops. So here's a few bits I've bought recently on a couple of trips to Primark.

Left necklace £4 | Right necklace £4 | Bracelet £3 | Earrings £2.50 | Set £2.50

3 earrings and 4 rings for £2.50!!


£4 for the set, amazing summery bikini!

Cropped roll sleeve tee £3

Knickers £2 | 'Footies' £1.30 | Frilly socks £1.50 - also got these in black

Plain cropped tee £3.50

My perfect playsuit!! So excited about this. £10

Cut out back
 So there's all the bits i've bought over a couple of trips, my favourite being the playsuit! It has taken me two years but I have finally found THE perfect playsuit! I love everything about it, the pattern, the shape, the fit, the little sleeves everything and the cut out back just makes it absolutely perfect! And for just £10 this makes me a very happy girly! Primark have got some lovely summer pieces in so if you're trying to save, stay well away!!

Emily xxx


  1. All the stuff is so nice! Recently Primark have had some really really nice stuff! Like the socks above, they are very similar to topshop's ones but for so much cheaper! I love Primark, always will! Also this play suit is lovely, would love to see an OOTD on it!

    1. Yeah the socks are such a good price! I will no doubt have an ootd sometime soon :) xx

  2. Loving everything you have bought, especially the jewellery!
    I also have the bikini :)

    1. The bikinis defo gonna be a popular one! xx

  3. This has made me wanna pop into Primark, they have great cheap pieces at the moment! I love the lose crop T. I got mine from Topshop wish I'd checked out Primark sooner now!


    1. The summer stuff is lovely! Yeah i've seen the topshop version glad I found this one! xx

  4. Replies
    1. They have some lovely jewelerry atm! xx