Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Garnier BB cream

If you havn't heard all the raving about this, where have you been?! I'm used to wearing a very high coverage foundation, Estee Lauder double-wear, but decided I should give my skin a break during the day, especially when i'm just working, so had been thinking about trying a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. I'd heard loads of good things about this one and after reading a few blog reviews decided it would definitely be worth a try! It's usually £9.99 but I got it on offer in Superdrug for £7.49.

Considering I'm used to wearing such high coverage, I was a bit sceptical about whether I would actually hate this but I really do like it! It looks like I have just naturally good skin when I wear this, it doesn't cover my skin, just kind of perfects it. This evens out my skin tone and makes my skin look glowy and just looks really natural. The only thing it doesn't cover for me is redness, if I go out in the cold my cheeks get red but hey hopefully the weather will get better soon. Come on England!

Overall I really love this, I feel like I have no make up on, look natural but not like a zombie and feel more fresh which I will love for the summer. I would 100% recommend this for something which is natural but not just rubbish coverage. It really works to make your skin look as if it's naturally good and also it smells really nice! If you're looking for something like this get to Superdrug and snap it up quick before the offer ends and I doubt you will regret it!

Have you tried this? What do you think of it?

Emily xxx


  1. I will pick this up. My skin is clear these days but I still go to my full coverage foundation. This would be great for summer!


    1. Me too! Yeah definitely will be good in summer! xx