Friday, 15 March 2013

March wishlist; no clothes included!

Okay, I hate the fact that I have to write this AGAIN, but it's been too long since I last posted. I did a couple posts and was like YAY back to blogging. However, the Gods of blogging obviously do not like me.. My camera just will not focus so I can't take any bloggy pictures, I can use my phone but I hate having to use bad quality pictures for my blog. I have insurance on my camera so I'm going to be taking it back and getting a new one, I'm hoping to get a bridge camera even if I have to pay the extra which is so exciting! :) I'm hoping to go maybe this sunday or something but I'm currently at home with the flu and a cough, blah :(

So, whilst I have to wait till I get my camera sorted I'm here with a wishlist, something which does not need my own pictures :)

1. New Look - £29.99
2. Office - £52.99
3. River Island - £1.50
4. River Island - £30
5. Office - £42.99
6. River Island - £12

As soon as I saw these boots in New Look I fell in love, I tried them on and loved them so much but didn't let myself buy them as I'd spent a fair bit of money already. But I have been needing them ever since. Needing. I gaze at them longingly every time i'm in there. And I may just have to give in..

I wear Converse alllll the time as I wear my black ones to work and always end up in my white ones otherwise. Therefore, I need more variety as I would wear them all the time (justification of money spending). These leapord print ones are actually fur effect and I just love them as they're patterned but will still go with alot. The pink ones are just pink. No explanation needed.

The rose gold watch is just gorgeous. I've been wanting a watch like this for ages and the colour and style is just lovely and no I don't want it to tell the time, it's just pretty. The necklace is also rose gold which I looove and just so easy to jazz up an outfit. The earrings look like jammie dodgers. Yum.

I've been lusting after shoes and accessories this past week or so rather than clothes, not that I bought new jeans yesterday, but this is not the point. I've also been wanting the whole Mac lipstick collection, 3 of which came in the post yesterday, YAY. So I will be posting about those with swatches when I get my camera sorted!

What have you been lusting after?

Emily xxx       


  1. Love the boots, so gorgeous! Also love the leopard converse and the rose gold watch, it's so pretty! Great post :) xx

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  2. Loving the cream boots I'm after a pair like this may have to get them :).

    1. They're evev more gorgeous in real life! xx