Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo

Hey guys! So this is a scheduled post as I'm starting work at 9am and finishing around midnight... My sister bought me this shampoo for Christmas as she'd heard alot about it and thought it would be good for me being a blondie. It's a purple shampoo (obviously) for cancelling out the brassiness in blonde/white hair however it says it works well for brunettes too! 

I've been using this since Christmas about twice a week and as you can see I've barely used a quarter of the bottle. I only need to use a small amount of this and it lathers up really well and it smells soooo nice! It smells kind of like parma violets which I absolutely love. It helps with the brassiness well however I wouldn't say it's any better than any other purple shampoo I've used. Saying that, it makes my hair reaally soft, shiny and light weight and also less knotty when I have to brush it after a shower! I really like this shampoo and would recommend it if you have blonde knotty hair that needs a bit of care and shine after all that bleaching!

What are you favourite hair products for blonde hair?

Emily xxx


  1. I used to use this when I was blonde!! I liked the Lee Stafford one too! :)

    Great blog! Now following :)

    Siobhan xxxx

    1. Ooh never tried lee stafford! Thank you xx

  2. I'm a fellow blondie and have tried so many purple shampoos so will probably give this one a go next! I love lee stafford, umbertto and touch of silver. Following on GFC and bloglovin :) xxx