Friday, 27 July 2012

Recent buys

Hey guys! 

I do love where I live :)

How nice has this sunny weather been?! I have been loving going out in little summer dresses and sandals! Anyway, just a quick haul post whilst i've got a bit of time to write one, I have been so busy working and going out in the sun and other random boring things! These are from a few shopping trips in the past couple of weeks, my trying not to buy any new clothes is not going so well!...

New Look - £6 (I think) in the sale from about £12 i think! Size 8
Primark - £6 Size 8 - this isn't blousy material it's cotton and it is sooo soft and comfy! I want more colours..
Superdrug - Oh god about £4.99 on offer from £6.99 I think?! Sorry this was like 2 weeks ago! Whilst I do love my Crazy Angel tan, my skin has become alot more dry and so using a liquid tan seemed to dry it out more and start coming off all patchy, so I bought this lotion which I love it has stayed on longer and came off gradually with only a tiny bit off patchiness, will definitely be repurchasing!
Sallys - about £3.67 or something, this backcombing brush is my new love! It was used on my hair at the hairdressers and so I bought my own cos it is so quick and easy to give amazing backcombing!
A make up stall - £2.50 Revlon nail polish in a lemon colour, I don't usually do colours like this and so I'm not actually sure if I like this or not!
Primark - £3 Size small, the one piece of clothing I would much rather have in a large!
New look - £3 in sale from about £6 I think - Size 8, this is the back! the front is just plain
New Look - £5.99 Size 8, the front is just plain
Primark - £6 Size 8
Next - £10 on sale from £20 Size 10, please trust me when I say these look better on! I will tryyy to do an outfit post ( I keep saying this about things) but I can never get good pictures as I take them on my phone!
New Look - £7 on sale from about £22/25.99 Size 10, I have to start swimming cos of my EDS and I have been trying to find a costume which doesn't have any cut out bits but isn't just your plain black speedo costume and it has been impossssible!! So I just thought oh well the scar is going to have to come out (this has a low back like a bikini and just a strap across the back) but I love the pattern anyway so I'm sure it can make up for the cut out back :)
Boots - Half price about £1.74 - I had run out of conditioner and am a big fan of herbal essences as they smell so good, always make my hair super soft and I know they can fade colour but that's not something I have to worry about! I don't use a full set though, I have dazzling shine shampoo, beautiful ends conditioner and seductively straight mask!
Boots - about £2.75 - I have been meaning to get this for a while as I always lose the little glue that comes with eyelashes and I am so impressed, it is quite a big bottle for just £2.75, I expected about £4/5!
Boots - £1.99 - I've been using this for a while now and whilst I wouldn't say it's bad I wouldn't say it's reaaally good, I keep meaning to look for a good one! But this is good enough for me until then :)
Boots - about £4.75 - this is a repurchase as this ran out and I got it again is when my nails are in bad condition after extensions it does seem to help them strengthen up and not be so thin and breakable!
Next - £1 - I got this as I wanted a lilac colour and it was only £1 from £2.50 in the sale and i'm really disappointed with it! When you put it on your nails it is really blue, I painted one nail and took it back off and I won't be using it again!
Primark - £2 in sale from £4 Size 8 - I have another of these and I love them! They are so easy to throw on and sit really nicely, the scallops are a bit annoying as they always fold up but I don't mind! And for £2?! who could resist :)
Primark - £3 Size 20 - okay you may be wondering why I bought a size 20.. well I nearly bought this a while ago when it was full price at £6 in a size 8 which was a normal tight tshirt but I just didn't, now today they had it in the sale and only had a size 20 left but I tried it on and I actually really like it long and baggy!
Primark - £10 Size 10 as there were no 8's left but it fits fine! I bought this as I had an interview where I had to wear all black and all my work blouses are white/cream!
H&M - £12.99 Size 10 - I also bought this for the interview and as I needed a new black skirt for work when it's too hot for trousers! This is just perfect as it's fitted but not tight and it's above the knee but not short and not one of those ridiculously long ones! It did have a little thin pink belt but I took it off!
 Okay so that is everything I've bought in the past two weeks or so! I swear when I do these posts I just think 'I have really strange fashion style' but actually I swear I don't have a particular style, I just get what I like and it's not one particular style I have! (I am making no sense...) But anyway, I hope you like what I bought and I promise I will try and find somewhere I can balance my camera where the lighting etc is good so I can actually do outfit posts and you can see what these things I buy look like actually on!

PS: I realise you may not find this as funny as me, but look at my little grumpy kitty 

I swear he is just looking at me like WOT U LOOKIN AT, oh i love my kitttty 

Hope you all have a good weekend, woohoo! 

Emily xxx

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  1. love the cross top I've been buying loads of things with crosses recently!

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