Thursday, 5 July 2012

HAUL: Liverpool and sales yesterday

Hey guys! 

Hope you're all having a good week, i'm just at home looking after my little sister whilst my mums at the hair dressers! I just got off the phone for a telephone interview for a job training as a Bobbi Brown make up artist which was successful and so i've gotta have a face to face interview, eeee! 

So i've finally sorted out the pictures of my Liverpool haul! I also went shopping yesterday so i'll show you what I bought then too :)

I went to Liverpool the Saturday before last and already had my outfit for the night so the haul is mainly jewellery!...

Ahhh my gorgeous shoes! St. Johns market £20
Bracelet - Primark £3
Bracelet - Primark £3
Set of 3 bracelets - H&M £2.99
Star ring - Primark £2
My camera would just NOT focus on this ring!! New Look - £2.99
These are joint together at the bottom and yes they do actually go to the top of my finger.. Primark - £2
Earrings - H&M £3.99
New Look £14.99 This actually broke and I had to take it back :(
Pink blazer - Primark £15 - Size 10
I also bought some black leggings but didn't bother taking a picture of those and I bought a Collection 2000 lip liner in a pale pinky colour but i've lost it :( So that's everthing I got in Liverpool :) yesterday I popped into town 'just to take back the clutch bag' and told myself I wouldn't buy anything....

As you can see, my 'not buying anything' didn't go so well... I am honestly sure I have an addiction to shopping!!! Plus the sales were on so I got a lot for my money!

Black zippy purse - H&M £1.99 I bought this just for putting in my clutch bag on nights out when my purse is too big!
Tinkerbell long necklace - New Look £5 £1.25 sale! I LOVE this! I've been wanting a long gold necklace and I am obsessed with Tinkerbell!
Bag - Primark £9 I don't actually like the little scarf thing so i've taken it off!
Dress - Primark £6 I already have this in black and have been wanting the white one for AGES but they never have my size and I found this hiding on it's own, yayy! Size 10, my black one is an 8 but this will be okay!
White vest top - Primark £2 Size 6
Lace skirt - Primark £10 Size 10 This looks so much better on and has a better shape on, i'm sure it will be in an outfit post sometime soon!
Bralet - New Look £12.99 £7 sale Size 8
Clutch bag - New Look £12.99 I got this to replace the other one as they didn't have another of that one!
Lace dress - River Island £25 £12 sale Size 10
Shorts - River Island £25 £10 Size 10 These are so cool! I actuallly am in love with these!
This is everything I bought yesterday which came to about £60/70 which I think is amazing! I was a bit naughty considering I said I wasn't going to buy anything but I did get some bargains and worked extra hours last week! So this is me justifying it haha!

These are the clothes I wore at the L'Oreal hair show...

Mint jeans - Topshop £40 £25 Size 10 Excuse the creases, I took this after wearing them at the show!
Bralet - Topshop £30 Size 8
I love both of these!! So happy I got to keep them! 

Well that is the end of my very picture heavy post! Hope you like the things I've picked up recently and hopefully you've found yourselves some bargains in the sales too! I better go get ready for work now, hope you all have a nice afternoon!

Emily xxx


  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe those shoes were only £20! They're gorgeous!

    Lola ..x

    1. I know such a good price!! Thank you! xx

  2. Them wedges are too die for!!!!!

  3. Umm I love basically everything you got!! SO jealous.

  4. Hey hun I just found your blog there, and I love your style & your blog:) definatly following! xx