Sunday, 15 July 2012

My 18th birthday!

Hey guys!!

Ahhh i've been gone so long! Sorrrry I havn't posted in a while been manic busy with birthday celebrations and working and allll that! 

 I had such a good birthday and am so lucky to have got so many nice things! My mum and stepdad are getting me a car, eee! I havn't actually got it yet but I think i'm getting a KA :) My dad got me some champagne, a few little bits and some money :) I also got money and a few presents from my aunties and uncles, my nan gave me some money and a gorgeous little bracelet! 

I also got a few things which I will be doing reviews on! My little sister got me some sleep rollers and a set of Real Techniques brushes, I havn't used the rollers yet but I have used the brushes and they are soooooo soft and amazing!! My older sister got me the remington volumiser which is the thing which looks like a big round brush but plugs in and heats up, I've used it once and I am in love with it!! 

My wonderful brushes :)
Please ignore the ridiculous tipsy pose, this is my hair after using the remington volumiser :)
 My best friend got me so many little presents the gift bag looked like a lucky dip! She knows me so well and got me so many nice things, we are so similar! We went out for dinner with my family and had the same starter, same meal, same cocktails and were saying the same thing at the same time haha!

This is the things she got me! Make up bag, nail varnishes, lipstick, blusher, bronzer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lash curlers, hair mask, fake tan, whitening toothpaste, my favourite lotion and showergel, barbie and minnie mouse things, chocolate, rainbow drops, 18 badge, spearmint polos, shot glasses, so many little things I love! These took me forever to open haha! 

A couple of my other best friends went together to buy me these lovely presents!...

Again, all these things are typical me! I am obsessed with knickers and still have a fair few in my drawer I havn't worn yet, ooops.. I now have three more gorgeous pairs :) This barbie top is so cool! It starts as a normal tshirt and you can get it cut how you want in the shop, they got it cut into a slight v-neck and the sides are cut quite low, looks so cute! They even got me these sweets you can only get on holiday which I loveeee, how cute :) Disaranno, jagermeister, peach schnapps, strawberry schnapps, some kind of apple thing and sex on the beach, yummmmmy yummy! Also a lollipop in the shape of a willy haha!

I even got two cakes! My mum makes THE best cakes everrrr, and she made me this yummmmy pink one..

The second one I got when I went out for a family meal, I warn you now, if you are one of those that gets embarrassed when people sing you happy birthday, do not go to TGI Fridays!! So I was just sitting with about 15 of my family when out comes the waiter with a big cake, makes me stand up holding it and calls the whole restaurants attention to get EVERYONE to sing happy birthday to me, oh. my. god. Seriously this was so embarrassing I thought I was gonna have to get my inhaler out actually couldn't breathe! Anyway, how amazing is this cake!

 How coool is this cake!! Three layers of chocolate, flake, buttons and strawberrries mmmm! I honestly thought this had been bought until my sister told me my cousin made it! How amazing is she!! 

I also went out into town with a couple of my friends, only two could come as my friends were in magaluf but it was still such a goood night! They're back now so we're going to all be going out! 

 Bralet - Topshop £30 Size 8 (it doesn't have black fluff on it, it's a whistle hahah!)
Skirt - Primark £10 Size 10
Shoes - Liverpool St.Johns £20 Size 4

Please ignore my absolute pigsty of a room haha! Clothes and presents everywhere! 

Me and my best friend Sophie :)
Blue lagoon and cheeky v, mmm mmmm mmmmmm
Sophie, me and Lianne looking ever so sober
Yes, there were 40 year old men in nappies and dummies
 It was such a funny night and I had such a good time, despite a few too many jagerbombs resulting in falling over and bruises with unknown causes! I have blabbed so much in this post but I am just so happy with the many many nice things I got and how much of a good time I had! :)

I have got quite a few posts i'm planning on doing very soon including a haul, OOTN, reviews on the remington volumiser, sleep rollers and real techniques brushes etc. so hopefully I shall be posting very often instead of disappearing for a week! 

I'm now going to go and fake tan ready for going out again tomorrow, woopeee :) I hope you didn't get bored with my blabbing on and on!!  Have a great evening and don't get too depressed, mondays aren't so bad! 

Emily :) xxx


  1. Happy birthday! I love all the stuff you got! You look beautiful!

  2. AWw Happy Belated 18th Birthdayyy! Your a very lucky girl and you obviously appreciate everything you got! :) Glad you had an amazing time and bet your thrilled now to be 18, cannot wait till i am too!

    1. Thank youuu :) yes so happy to be 18 haha! :) xxx

  3. Looks like you had an amazing 18th! :) You got some lovely presents!!

  4. Seems like you had a great birthday celebtation.
    My best 18th birthday wishes to you!
    Have fun

    xxxx Marie