Sunday, 1 July 2012

99p ebay rings!

Hey guys :)

Just a quick post, I've recently become obsessed with rings and so decided to take a look on ebay.. There are sooo many on there for just 99p! They mostly come from Hong Kong and so would take a while to arrive and they're probably not of quite the best quality but you can't moan for 99p! I've put together a picture of a few you can find on there...

How cute are all these for just 99p each?! My favourites are the ones down the left hand side and the little castle, soo cute! I will no doubt be making a purchase once I sort out my new bank card :) I just typed 'rings' into the ebay search bar and put it on lowest price first and they all come up, although beware soooo many lord of the rings cards come up! Why can I not untick for lord of the rings to come up! How amazing that I could get all these 12 rings here for just 11.88?! (I think that's the right maths..)

PS: hopefully sorting out the pictures of what I bought in Liverpool so that haul post should be coming up! It's mainly jewellery and a couple other bits, obsessed with jewellery recently!

I'm doing this modelling thing in London tomorrow, ahhh i'm so nervous i'm going to fall off the catwalk! But hopefully all goes well and I will be doing a post sometime soon about it and show you guys the pictures :) Now i'll have to be off to shower, wash hair, exfoliate, moisturise, dry hair and paint my nails and toe nails! The joys of being a girl :)

Emily xxx


  1. Those rings are gorgeous! It's amazing what you can get on Ebay! :) xx
    Beauty by Emma

  2. I love the bow and castle rings!
    Ebay sure is amazing, im obssessed with it!