Thursday, 23 August 2012

Catch up mash up!

Hey guys!

I can't believe I havn't posted in almost a month! I just have been so tired recently, I still only work part time but i've been out more due to being 18 and I think my EDS making me more tired is catching up with me! I'm still knackered but i'm trying to catch up on sleep and today i'm off work ill so thought now would be a good opportunity to do a post rather than sit on the sofa watching jeremy kyle and eating crackers...

So this post is just gonna be a couple of things put together which need to be caught up on!...

A few random outfits i've worn out - excuse bad pictures!
 These are just a couple outfits i've managed to get pictures of from the past few weeks

1. Cut out top - New look sale £3 
Ice cream shorts - River Island sale £10

2. Bralet top - New look sale £7
Skirt - Primark £10

3. We went out dressed as school girls for A-level results! I didn't actually do A-levels but I went celebrating with my friends that did!
Glasses - Primark £1
Shirt - Primark £7
Tie - from an old dance show!
Braces - Primark about £3?!
Skirt - very old school skirt!
Socks - River Island £4
Converse - Office £39.99 

I've also bought a few things over the past few weeks, but nowhere near as much as I had been buying! I have actually been very good so i'm proud of my willpower against spending!

Shirt - Primark £7 Size 8 (I wore this for school girl dress up) It's just cotton and has a lace bit at the top and the longer back is sheer blousy material material
Jumper -  Primark £12 Size 10 - I bought this on a cold day and since then the weather has been warm! I absolutely love this and I havn't been able to wear it yet! Not that I can moan about the lovely weather we've had!
Peplum top - Primark £4 Size 8 - I got this in exchange for some shoes I took back which were also £4, it's just cotton and they have ones with elbow length sleeves I might have to invest in... I love that it's peplum but much more casual for the day time!
Dress - Te Amo at New Look £26.99 Size 8 - I bought this as i'm going to Windsor in just over a week and needed something dressy, I wasn't sure but put it on and loved it! It's simple but the lacy bits are really pretty, the material is lovely, it's a good length not too short and it makes me look a bit slimmer, win! I will definitely being doing an outfit post after Windsor!
Ring - Ebay 99p! - I love this ring, it's just a simple gold band that says courage on it, yes I know you can't see due to the utter crap-ness of my camera :)
Ring - New Look £2.99 - I love this ring it is so cute! It has a hamma hand on it, I think that's what they're called?! When I was little my parents bought me one of these hands a bigger gold one with my name on it in Egyptian and i've always kept it and liked it for some reason, so I kinda feel like this means something secretely!
Deodorant - Superdrug about £2?! - I used to have this is in the spray version and I absolutely love the smell of it! However I've been trying to cut down on aerosols cos of my asthma so thought i'd try the roll on!
Elnette hairspray - The big one was on offer in Boots 2 for £9 and the little one I got in my work for £2.40 for my clutch bag! Okay, I know I just said i'm cutting down on aerosols cos of my asthma, but hairspray can not be cut down on okay, it's just a new method of go in bathroom, spray and run back!
Hello new piercing! I've wanted something in my ear for a while but not the typical top of your ear or tragus, so I love this! My local piercing place had an offer on all piercings £15 so I went and got this done :) The bar will be changed to a shorter one after 3/4 weeks, so next week! My other earrings are £1.50 for each pair from River Island so I got both colours! I think you can get silver too..
I actually got this for my birthday, it's w7 but i'm not sure what the colour is called! It's a very bright pink without being fluorescent, I love it!
And last of all, the absolute necessities, yum yum yum :)
So I hope this post has given you a little catch up and I am going to have to get my bum in gear and keep on top of this blog of mine! I will try and post more frequently again! And by the way reading all your posts I had to catch up on has cheered me up today and I now have lots of things I must buy, you've ruined my being good with spending! :)

Emily xxx

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