Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Original source shower gel and L'oreal modelling!

Hey everyone! 

Hope your mondays wern't too bad! Mine was amazing, strange for a monday I know, but I did the modelling thing at L'oreal, eeek it was so fun!! 

So when I was in Superdrug the other week they had the Original source shower gels on offer for 99p and for some reason lately i've been obsessed with the smell of lemon and so I just had to pick this up!

 I absolutely love this! It smells sooo good and is so nice and refreshing, especially in the morning! 

It uses natural fragrances, is vegan and isn't tested on animals so that's a bonus! It also has essential oils in it, obviously lemon and tea tree but it also contains bergamot and orange. Tea tree is great for deep cleansing the skin  and helping to reduce imperfections and lemon, orange and bergamot are all citrus and so smellll amazing and are uplifting and refreshing! It has a little logo on the bottle for the 'Aromatherapy Trade Council' and although i'm not sure what that means, I guess the essential oils are of good quality!

The only thing that worries me with this is that I know actual lemons can be used for removing fake tan and so I hope this shower gel doesn't have the same effect as I do love a bit of fake tanning! Lemon essential oil actually comes from the peel of the lemon so i'm hoping it's the actual flesh of the fruit that removes tan and that this product won't affect when I have fake tan on! 

UPDATE:  so the other day I did a post on my Clarins daily energizer testers and was instantly impressed with them! I've now used them a few more days, a total of 6 times, which is still not loads but I am so impressed with them! My skin already looks brighter and more radiant and even looks and feels smoother and a bit tighter, I will definitely be purchasing the full size versions of these! I recommend these to everybody in this age range! 

Also, as I said yesterday I did the L'oreal modelling thing and obviously havn't got any pictures of me on the stage yet but here's a couple I took on my phone in and outside the building! 

How cool is my poodle hair haha! I have a few subtle pink extensions in which are done by cold fusion or something! My top and jeans are both from Topshop and yaaay I get to keep them! My shoes are my own and are from St Johns centre in Liverpool!

Hope you all have a good week! 

Emily xxx


  1. Those jeans are absolutely gorgeous. You're so lucky, you got to keep them. :)

    If you could follow me I would be very grateful as I'm new to the blogging scene..

    Thanks :)


    1. I knowww so happy! :) I'll take a look :) xx