Tuesday, 1 May 2012

HAUL: New Look, Primark, Superdrug etc!

I went shopping on sunday and bought a couple of things and there's a few other bits I bought last week so I thought i'd let you in on what I bought!

Navy zip up hoodie - New Look £14.99 

Aztec print top - Primark £5

Black jeans - Primark £11

Sunglasses - Primatk £2
Coral purse - Primark £4
Earrings - Superdrug £1.99
MUA Lipstick Shade 7 - Superdrug £1
VO5 Heat Protect - Savers about £3.89 or something!
Touch Of Silver Purple Shampoo - My pharmacy at about £3/4
Baby wipes - Primark 2 packs for £1
Pink Lantern - Primark £2.50

Had to add this in cos it looks so cute in the dark!
16 Vanilla Tealights - Primark £2

So this is about all i've bought in the last week or so! Feel free to ask questions about anything and let me know if you want me to review anything! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Emily xxx


  1. I love the aztec top and only 5 pounds sooo good :). xxx

    A Scholar Life

    1. thank you! I know, it said £6 but at the till was £5! there's a blue one too i may have to purchase :) xx

  2. o0oo i got that hoody, but mines a purple/pink loves it for lazy days when i cant be bothered :) xX

    1. I want a dark purply pink one tooo! i know, soooo comfy and soft inside! :) xx