Thursday, 31 May 2012

100 followers for my 18th?!

Hello again guys! :) hope you've had a good day!

So it's my 18th birthday in July (the 11th to be precise hehe) and the best present ever would be if I got to 100 followers by then! If I get to 100 followers I will do a giveaway of some lovely girly goodies! :) 
I currently have 67 so I need 33 more for a giveaway to happen! I'm not sure what will be in the giveaway but it will definitely be girly and beauty related!

This may be quiet a challenge but I reaaally reallly hope I can get there! :)

Just a short post but wanted to share this with you guysss :) have a nice evening!

Emily xxx


  1. Great beauty blog! I just started following you! Check out my new blog and follow me back if you would like :)

  2. I have just become your 70th follower - good luck! Your blog is great so Im sure you will reach your goal!! xxx

  3. Happy almost Birthday!