Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kreativ blogger award!

I've been awarded the kreativ blogger award by Through Chelsea's Eyes 
Her blog is one of my favourites and she has great fashion style so go check out her blog! :)

So the rules are:
-post a link to the blogger who gave you the award
-share 7 random facts about yourself
-pass on to other bloggers

7 random facts about me:   
-the subject I hated the most at school was english, however I love blogging..
-I have two sisters, but one is 20 and the other is 3 :)
-apart from the phone I have now and the one before it, every single one of my phones has been pink!
-my little fingers are TINY, they're the same size as a mini chocolate finger..
-I finish college in a few weeks and yet have no idea what my next step is as I can't actually work in a salon due to my nut allergy! (all salon product ranges have nuts in)
-my codiene is so strong that when i take it it makes me go loopy, I told the doctor and he said it literally makes me high!
-me and my best friend are so close we basically come as one, everyone refers to us as 'emily and sophie' instead of seperately!

They really were random facts, I had no idea what to put haha! And the people I award this to are:

Emily Grace

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! I definitely am! :)

Emily xxx


  1. Well done! Yay thankyou! :) Ill get to it ASAP xxx

    1. omg I also hated english at school but love blogging! And all my phones apart from the one now were all pink. haha :P

    2. Thank you! Its okay :) haha how weird! xx

  2. Thankyou for the award hun! :)
    I never knew salon products had nuts in...strange lol!

    1. Its okay! :)
      Yeah you know they use ranges such as Clarins, literally all these ranges have nuts in! So annoying haha xx

  3. congratulations :D your blog is great. we followed!
    Fibi x

  4. Very cool Blog :) Follow you now <3

    Greetings Emma

  5. wow beautiful blog !! <3

    i am following you :) would you mind adding my blog button to ur blog ??

    and i want to ask how do u get awards and give them ??

    thanks sooooooooo very much !!!
    lotsa loves from south africa :)

    1. thank you! :)
      bloggers award it to other bloggers, if someone awards you it then you have to award it to other people so it's like continuous :) xx