Monday, 21 May 2012

Good/bad MUA products!

Hey guys! :) Hope you've all had a good weekend, mine has left me absolutely knackered! :)

So recently i've been buying a few MUA products, everytime i'm in superdrug I always see them and think 'may aswell try it for £1' which is ridiculously cheap and so worth a try! Some I have been impressed with, some not so much!

GOOD products: 

Bronzer - I use this bronzer almost everyday, saving my favourite GOSH bronzer for going out etc.  and I love it! It's a nice colour that blends well to create a natural looking bronzed cheek and not a strip of orangey brown which to be honest, I did kind of expect for £1!

Blusher - I have a blusher which is barbie pink and I love it, again it blends nicely and I just love the colour as its a brighter pink but it's not TOO  bright so it ends up looking like something you'd do for fancy dress!

BAD products:

Eyeliner -  I brought this as my Rimmel eyeliner was running out and so thought I would give this a go, however I have gone straight back to my usual! On first putting it on it did feel reaaaally soft and went completely blunt after applying it to one eye, it didn't take long before it smudged under my eye and it actually smudged quite far under my eye which was definitely not a good look!

Mascara - Again, my usual mascara was running out and so I thought 'may aswell give it a go' however I wasn't overly impressed with this! It made my eyelashes a bit longer but it took a lottttt of coats and felt like there was hardly any mascara on the wand, as if it was running out! It was also really dry and flaky and gave me really itchy eyes!

OKAY products:

Liquid eyeliner - I actually really like the bit which applies the liner as it's flexible but not too 'fling all over the place' and on first impressions I quite liked this, however it faded quite a bit and also flaked a bit. I might actually try this wand in a different liquid liner with a nicer solution! 

Lipstick - I bought this lipstick as I wanted to see if the colour would suit me, without spending too much incase it didn't! I do quite like the colour which is a slightly orangey/coraly pink and so might invest in a better lipstick in this type of colour. Although I like the colour I don't particularly like the texture, it's really soft but i'd say it's too soft, it just felt like it was gonna slide everywhere and I thought I was gonna look like my little sister had put it on for me, it also didn't stay on overly long however it's not too bad, especially not for £1!

I didn't actually realise until I did this post that there actually seems to be a pattern with cheek products being good and eye products being not so good! I havn't tried any of the other MUA products such as the nail varnishes or powders but overall I am quite impressed considering the price! 

What do you guys think of MUA products? Any you would recomend? :)

Emily xxx


  1. completely agree on the eyeliner, yet I still buy it all the time because it's so cheap. It's just the reapplying all the time thats annoying xx

  2. I love the blusher!


    1. So good for £1! You should go pick it up some time :) xx

  3. Hey ive awarded you a blog award :) xxxx

  4. there masacra really is bad i brought one before work the other day and when i apllied it i actually saw no difference its like it just coloured my eyelashes in black
    love the lipsticks though
    great post x

  5. Fab post, its always good to know whats rubbish and what's not. I think I might have to give the bronzer a go. xx

    1. thank you! go for it, so good for £1! :) xx