Saturday, 28 April 2012

A-Z about me!

I saw this on SaraJayne's blog and I love reading posts like this so I thought i'd do it myself!

Age: 17 but can not wait to be 18 in july!
Bed size: Double! I’d hate to have a single bed now I’ve had a double bed for years!
Chore you hate: Dusting! It just makes me cough and sneeze and get all itchy, urgh its horrible!
Dogs: I used to have a dog called pippin, she was a cockapoo which is a mix between cocker spaniel and a poodle :) i really want a bichon frise or a teacup toy poodle though!

Essential start of your day: I have to go for a wee and then wash and moisturise my face!
Favourite colour: Pinkkkk!
Gold or silver: Definitely prefer gold nowadays!
Height: 5ft 7 or 8, I think I’m like inbetween them haha
Instruments i play: None, I used to play the recorder in primary school and the clarinet in secondary school but nothing since year 8!
Job title: I go to college so I just work part time in a pharmacy! :)

Kids: None!! Just my kittttty cat :)
Live: Hertfordshireee!
Mums name: Lorrain :)

Nickname: People just call me em! When I was in hospital my nurses called me little miss sunshine :) a few others do aswell actually haha!
Obsession: There’s loads of things I love but I wouldn’t say I have an obsession over anything, not that I can think of! Although I have OCD over the counter at work, omg everything has to be in the right place haha!
Pet peeve: Fat legs and bum + see through leggings + bright blue/pink ‘girl boxers’ = VOMIT
Quote from a movie: ‘Faith, trust and pixie dust’ I loveeee tinkerbell!!
Right or left handed: Right :)

Siblings: I have a 20 year old sister and a 3 year old half sister :)
Time you wake up: It depends what time I start college, I start at different times on different days! If I don’t have college or work it seems to be about half ten!
Underwear: I’m obsessed with nice knickers, I literally have no plain knickers! They all have lace or frills or bows or something haha!
Vegetables you dislike: Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, swede if that’s a vegetable haha! I only like carrots, peas, sweet corn and tomatos I think!
What makes you run late: I never run reaaally late but maybe about 5/10 minutes due to my hair or make up not going right haha! Or if the bus is late obviously I will be!
X-rays you've had done: Hips, knees, chest, teeth and my spine done about 3564387651998 times!
Yummy food you make: I am the bestttt at making cakes! I always make pink ones with pink icing and they are beeaaaautiful! I made some yesterday mmm mmm mmmmmmm
Zoo animal: Monkeysssss! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed finding out more about me! Post this on your blogs i'd love to find out me about all of you! :)

Emily xxx


  1. Thanks for doing this lovey :) i remember playing the recorder in primary school too ahaa! And im loving the sound of those cakes! :D xx

  2. Haha i loved playing the recorder! They are amaaazing! I may put up my recipe one day haha :) xx

  3. I used to play the clarinet too :) And i can't survive without my double bed ;) xoxo

  4. haha you are so right.. girl boxers = vomit :L euch cant stand them either. great post!