Sunday, 6 May 2012

HAUL: New Look, Office, Primark, Superdrug

I know this is another haul after the last one but i've been shopping again today and got a few bits so I thought i'd show you! There's a really good sale on in New Look, they have really recent tops in the sale and still have the popular sizes in stock! 

 Also, I thought i'd try something new and put what size I bought in things because they do this on the New Look website and I find it really helpful, so if you're a similar size to me hopefully this will help you decide which size to get if you're ordering online or whatever! So let me know if you like this!

So this is what I bought....

Cardigan - New Look £8! - Size 8
 Okay first things first, please ignore my chubby belly, I did have a cheeky mcdonalds! This is slightly baggy and sooo comfy! I love the pattern aswelll, i'm not sure if it's suppposed to be animal print, I don't really know! And of courseeee I LOVE the colour as it's pink haha! I've been wanting a cardigan like this for a while as all my cardigans are normal colours like beige or grey or black so I can stick them on top of anything, but i've been really wanting a coloured and patterned one! And I can't believe this was £8! It was £24.99 before it was in sale!

Top - New Look £7 down rom £12.99 - Size 10
This is quite a bold top for me as its got a big pattern with gold and bright pink, but for some reason I really liked it! It's just plain grey on the back and is slightly longer at the back, I thought it would be easy just to throw on with some jeans or leggings or something! I love the fit of it aswell as it's not at all baggy but it doesn't cling to my belly, which is something I tend to have an issue with! It's really comfy and I really like it and definitely a bargain!

Top - New Look £8 down om £16.99 - Size 8

My friend has a top with this pattern on but it's a different shape and I really like it and when I saw this in a different shape I really liked it! And don't worry, she doesn't mind me having it haha! I don't relly know how to descibe the pattern, it's just random shapes really but it looks really cool! And i love the baby pink colour! I love the way it has really thin straps which kind of cross over at the back, yes it's one of those tops which you can never quite work out how to get into it and end up completely tangled! It kind of just hangs which again I like as it doesn't cling to mr bellly! The material isn't silk but it's kind of silky-ish and soft, I really don't know how to explain but hopefully you know what I mean!

Dress - Primark £6 - Size 8
 I first saw this dress a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with it! It's just so cute and summery and I dunno I just really realllly like it! As you can see it's got a high neck and the top half has got little holes in it, some of which are like flower shaped which is so cute! It also has a kind of oval shaped hole in the back which is really cool, it has a random little string to tie at the back which doesn't really make a difference to me but I don't mind it! It's just a jersey material and so it's really comfy, only downside is that it is reaaally short! It literally JUST covers my bum so i'd definitely have to wear it with leggings or something, I saw a girl wearing it with leggings and a denim jacket which looked really nice! I am a bit taller than average at 5 ft 7/8 but I never usually have a problem with dresses so i'm guessing most people will have this problem with the dress!

Lipstick - Primark £1!
I saw this whilst I was queueing for the dress in Primark and at just £1 I thought I may aswell give it a try! The reason I have done a picture of it on my lips is that they are so dry and flaky at the moment they look horrible! But I willl take a picture once they get better! I was pleasantly surprised with this as it's actually a really nice colour and i'll probably wear it alot, the actual lipstick does feel quite hard when you put it on and as if it's not transferring to your lips but it does! The packaging is also so cute, I love it!

MUA Eyeliner - Superdrug £1

My eyeliner has got to about an inch long which is rather hard to apply so I decided I should probably actually bother to buy a new one, I was going to get my favourite Rimmel eyeliner but I saw this and thought I might aswell try it for £1! The only good thing about this is that it has a little sharpener on the lid which is quite helpful, although i havn't actually used it! When I applied this it felt reaaally soft and it got so blunt after lining just one eye I had to sharpen it! And it just did not stay on and it smudged all under my eyes, not impressed at all with this! I'm very glad it was only £1 I wasted and shall be purchasing my usual Rimmel eyeliner!

Black Converse - Office £39.99 but £35.99 with my 10% student discount! Size 4
 Okay i've been wanting these for a while as basically I had spinal surgery in August and I have to wear shoes which cover the top of my foot so i'm supported (no I don't understand either), so I cant wear dolly shoes and as I have to wear black shoes to college (beauty therapy uniform) and also to work this kind of left me with little options as I did used to wear dolly shoes! So yeah I got these to wear which i'm very happy about! 

Okay so I hope you like what I bought! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments box :) and let me know about me putting the size in and if you find it helpful!

Emily xxx


  1. Got some great bargains. I LOVE that pink cardi its so pretty! :) xxx

  2. I know, all this for less than £70! I do love sales :) thank you! you should look in your local one they probably have it! :) xx

  3. love the dress and cardigan, great post hun :) xx