Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Shoes wishlist!

Hey everyone! Hope you've had a lovely 4 day weekend or beginning of the half term! :)

I've been spending alot of time shopping and online shopping (probably a bad plan) and there is SO much I want! Especialllllyyyyy shoes! So here are a few, well quite a few, of the shoes I want!...

 My favourites are probably the first new look ones or the first topshop ones! I just love shoes, why can I not have a huge cupboard full of every existing gorgeous shoe! :( So unfair!

Anyway, i'm off to have a shower, wash my hair and fake tan, wooopeee :) Anywhere that sells gorgeous shoes I don't know about?! Let me know!

Emily xxx


  1. i love all of these shoes, they are all soo pretty. i love all of the river island shoes (; xx

  2. Love the first River Island pair! Gorgeous xx