Friday, 25 October 2013

My halloween makeup

Hi everyone!

So a few days ago I thought I would have a play around and try and figure out how I'll do my make up for Halloween. You may have seen my inspiration post here, which I used to help me decide. I also watched some videos on YouTube and used these along with the photos to put together my own look. I'm no make up artist so i've just added a little Halloween twist, nothing too crazy!

So, all I did to create this look is...

1. My usual base; foundation, concealer, powder etc. and eyebrows

2. Red eyeshadow all over the lid and almost to the brow, packing on more above the lid

3. Dark blue and charcoal/grey glitter all over the lid and a small amount above the lid

4. Black liquid liner on the lash line and creating fake lashes under the eye and above on the outer corner

5. White pencil liner on my water line

6. Pale yellow eyeshadow under the eye

7. Red and black eyeshadow creating the little veins, I used a tiny thin lip brush

8. A big pair of lashes!

9. Dark grey/black eyeshadow and white eyeshadow/powder to contour and highlight the cheek bones and nose

10. Red lip liner and lipstick, i'm wearing Rimmel Kate Moss 107

There are probably much better ways of doing this or much better products to use but I just used what I already had in my collection. I'd say this is probably a lot more realistic for most of us than the creations from the many professional make up artists i've watched on YouTube!

Hope you like this look. What will you be wearing for Halloween? Will you be jazzing up your makeup for the occasion?

Emily xxx


  1. This looks soo good! You still look ridiculously beautiful though which isn't fair haha xxx

  2. Love this look, makes your eyes look huge. Very annoying your still this stunning at halloween!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. love this look hun!
    your eyes look STUNNING :)

    Laura xox