Saturday, 19 October 2013

Halloween makeup inspiration

I'm currently sat on the sofa in some comfy pj's, watching x factor with mum and just having a good old relaxed night in. So, i've been doing a bit of research.. Halloween is coming up and with the fairly recent introduction of blogs and youtube into my life, this year's gonna be more about the make up than the costume for me. I think i'm gonna go vampire with a leather bralet and dark red lipstick.

Now I am no make up artist and I for sure won't be able to recreate these looks any where near this standard but I am gonna have a few practice runs and hopefully end up with something wearable. It's not going to be anything too garish, I was just thinking to add a bit of colour to my eyes, perhaps reddy/cranberry colours and a dark red lip (think Kate Moss 107). I cant decide whether to keep my face make up to the norm or add a bit of white/grey contouring, what do you think?

Anyway, after a lot of googling and youtube watching i've grown a little collection of inspiration images...

**All images found on Google**

Are you going to be doing some Halloween make up this year? Or are you just going to let the costume do the talking?

Emily xxx 


  1. I wish I was going to a Halloween party this year because I've seen sooooo many good idea for make-up, I'm just dying to re create some! That third make-up look is pretty scary!
    Great post!

    Hannah x

    1. I know there is so much amazing stuff about! Haha I know! xx