Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn/Winter haul! Primark, New Look, H&M

Hi everyone!

Over the past few weeks i've been getting into the Autumn/Winter spirit by of course, shopping! I've bought a few essential jumpers and other bits but i'm still on the hunt for a black parka coat, a tartan scarf and some flat boots. No doubt there will be lots more items joining my wardrobe in the coming weeks.

Left - a thinner jumper with black roll cuff sleeves | £12.99 H&M
Right -  a knitted jumper, super cosy with a more open neck | £24.99 H&M

Left - super furry snowman type jumper I am in love with | £10 Primark
Right - Moss green cable knit jumper, soft and not itchy! | I think £10 Primark

Left - contrast sleeve shirt, good for popping the colour out of snowman jumper | £10 Primark
Middle - Cat print ribbed top with little sleeves, it's got cats on it! | I think £12.99 H&M
Right - Tartan peter pan collar top, slightly cropped | £6 H&M

Left - Long sleeve slouchy dress, comes in at the waist | £12.99 H&M
Middle - Striped skater dress with open back | £7 H&M sale
Right - Basic skater dress in a wintery green colour | £5 Primark

Denim shorts with the most gorgeous belt, for wearing with super thick tights! | New Look £19.99

Heeled ankle boots with gold details, actually kill my feet despite the tiny heel.. | £18 Primark

Ahhh, so perfect! After months of searching I found my perfect bag | £35 Accessorize

And that is everything I have bought this year for Autumn/Winter so far! If you know where I can find a black parka let me know, I can only find khaki or navy ones! I can't wait till I can properly snuggle up in a jumper, coat, scarf, gloves and a bobble hat.

What's your favourite Autumn/Winter item?

Emily xxx


  1. I love the shorts! Primark have such good autumn clothes in at the moment.


    1. Thanks! I know right, love a bit of Primarni! xx

  2. Love Primark right now so many lovely clothes.
    love your haul :)

  3. I love a good haul! Makes me want to go shopping!!! x

    1. I still need to go shopping! Always need to go shopping haha xx

  4. I literally cannot believe that you got most of that stuff from Primark! That fluffy jumper is to die for. Loved having a little snoop through your blog - keep up the good work :) Following!

    Drop by mine when you get the chance.


    1. I know, crazy! Aw thanks! Ill take a look! xx

  5. Love the haul!
    In love with the dresses and especially the Boots from Primark!
    Hareem x

    1. Thanks! I'm aiming for more dresses and tights this winter! xx