Monday, 4 November 2013

E.l.f.matte lip colours; coral and natural

  Hey everyone!

A couple of months ago I went a bit mad on the e.l.f. website and my favourite items from that purchase were these 'matte lip colours'. Give me a matte, super pigmented lip colour and I am all over it. So at just £3.75 each these went straight in my basket!

These have a lovely, creamy formula and go straight onto the lips without the need to build up the colour. As you can see in the above picture, they are more like a chunky lip liner than a lipstick. Whilst I do find this handy for getting a smooth outline, it does take a few seconds longer to apply (lazy me). They last a pretty long time with the need for a touch up only once or twice throughout the day.

The only downside to these is that they can be slightly drying and will cling a bit to dry patches. However, plenty of lip balm before and after using this works well for me and if I do have dry lips I just avoid them for a few days.

The first of the two colours I bought is 'natural'. For me this is the perfect nude, I hate concealer type lip colours and ones that are too brown. I much prefer pink toned nudes and this is just the perfect shade for me. I love throwing this on when I can't be bothered for the upkeep of a darker or brighter colour but I still want something on my lips.

The second colour I bought is 'coral' which is well, a coral colour. It's not too bright and still a fairly natural coral, again good for days when I can't be bothered with a dark lipstick. When I bought these I thought that 'natural' would be my favourite and even debated getting a different colour instead of this one. However, this one is definitely my favourite, I feel like it suits me well and I love wearing it.

Overall, if you don't suffer with dry lips and you're happy to up the lip balm applications, I would really recommend these.

Emily xxx


  1. I love natural, it's such a pretty shade. You look beautiful :-)

    Love, Christine♥