Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mini haul: Republic, Zara, Primark, LUSH

Hey everyone!

So as you will know from yesterdays post I went shopping all on my larry, I actually only went to get one pair of jeans but came back with a couple more bits..

Dark  blue acid wash Lexi Skinny jeans - Crafted at Republic £30 but when I got to the till they were £20, fab
Black Slim jeans - Trafaluc at Zara £19.99
Primark goodies - Backcombing brush £1 | Knickers £1 each (couldn't resist some festive pants) | Hairbands £1 | Cross necklace £1.50
Better view of the cross necklace - I bought this to put a ring on as i'm not allowed to wear rings at my new job but I have one i've always worn 24/7. It's just a simple thin band that says 'courage'
Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb - LUSH £1.90 | review coming
The essentials of course, the chocolate buttons are to put on a cake for my last day of work but I had to open it cos my little sister was going mad cos she wanted one so I gave in. Then I might have eaten a few myself... The sweets are also for my last day of work and I WILL resist until then!
I also bought some ridiculously soft pink pyjamas for my little sister which were £5 from Primark but she had her hands on those before picture time. I bought a couple of presents for my best friends secret santa but I won't be putting those on here in case she has a look! So that's everything I bought, not too much as I now have no money for a month due to my new job I start on monday. Considering the jeans are for work I think I did rather well on my shopping trip compared to usual!

Emily xxx


  1. I need a good trip to Primark to happen haha! You got a great deal on the Jeans too!:D xx

  2. Love both the jeans Great deal you got there too! Love getting to the till and finding out its cheaper then you think it's going to be. Sophie xx

  3. I love the jeans and seem great quality so should last long. I never go shopping with the intentions of buying one thing as it never goes to plan haha


    1. Yeah hopefully!! Haha my 'not spending money' never happens!! xx

  4. Lovely haul, Primark has some great pieces! x

  5. I love the jeans! They look great! :) And I always enjou hauls!

  6. oo new follower here i love your blog and the primark festive pants are so cosy arnt they ! x