Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My new hair protector and de-frizzer!

Hey everyone! :) 

I was in boots last week and had a voucher for £5 off No7, I love these vouchers! I wasn't sure what to get so had a little search about the No7 area and came across this product I didn't know they did! It's the 'hair protecting spritz' which is a UV protector for your hair

 It was £6 and so with the voucher only £1! I thought this was amazing for such a big bottle aswell and i'm all for hair protecting products seeing as my hair has been bleached, straightened, curled, dried, backcombed etc. many times! It says to spray it on your hair before you go out which I do however I decided to spray it through my wet hair after washing it and it dried so much less frizzier! I've used it like this a couple times now and love using it! 

I actually had two vouchers so I went back to buy these eyelashes...

 I havn't worn them yet but they look so nice in the box and don't look plasticy like some do! When I wear them which will hopefully be soon i'll let you guys know how they are! These were £7.50 and so £2.50 with my voucher

PS: i'm very very very excited as i'm going to be modelling in a hair show in London in a few weeks! My cousin is a hairdresser and is doing the show and asked me to be a model for it! I'm so excited yet very nervous that I will fall on my face or something haha! I'll make sure I do a post on the show with pictures and that! 

Hope you've all had a good day! :)

Emily xxx


  1. That hair stuff sounds amazing! I've got some vouchers to spend might have to keep an eye out for that xxx

  2. The hair spray sounds really good! Something I might have to take with me on holiday! :)


    1. Yes definitely a good option for holiday! :) xx

  3. OO that spray looks good and for only a pound cor! Make sure to do a review please:)
    Good luck on the show your doing sure you will be fine :)

  4. those eyelashes look GORGEOUS - look forward to hearing a review on them from you!
    I have a voucher to use up too so better hurry up!

    good luck with the hair show :) xx

    Great blog hun, just followed :)
    Would love it if you would follow me too :)


    1. Cant wait to wear them! :) thank you! ill check out your blog :) xx

  5. I saw this in Boots and I was wondering whether or not to risk buying it as I don't have a voucher, but I think I'll give it a try!
    Thanks :) xo