Monday, 25 June 2012

Liverpool OOTN!

Helllooo guys!

Can't believe I havn't posted in over a week aghh i've been sooo busy! Last week of college so I have been soo busy getting work done and i've had alot of other stuff on aswelll! 

So this weekend I went to Liverpool and it was amaaazing! I wanna live there just for the shopping, the shoes in St. Johns and the accent! I went up there as my best friend Sophie has family there and on Saturday we went to her nans 70th birthday party where we got her nan on the jagerbombs haha! It was such a good weekend, we went shopping saturday then to the party and on sunday we went for a bacon roll hangover cure and to albert docks which was SOO windy!!!! I literally got blown into Sophie haha! 

So anyway, the point of my post, here is what I wore saturday night!

 How unreal are my shoes from St. Johns market oh my I am in love with themmm! I dunno if you can see but they have studs on the heels! There are sooo many more I want from there!!

Dress - New Look sale £12 last year!
Blazer - Primark £15
Shoes - St. Johns market £20
Clutch bag - New look £14.99

I do have earrings and two rings but you can't see them... I'm gonna do a haul post soon on what I bought in Liverpool so they will be in there! I'll also put my shoes in there so you can see them properly :)

I've got Crazy Angel fake tan on in extra dark just one coat but two coats on my legs and also Rimmel instant tan on my legs, yes I like having dark legs haha!

This is me and my best friend Sophie! Her shoes are also £20 from St. Johns market!! Leave a comment if you wanna know where she got any of her outfit from :) 

Hope you all had a great weekend too! Have any of you been to unreal shoe heaven (st. johns) and got any shoes? I'd love to seee them!! :)

Emily xxx


  1. I love your outfit! Those shoes look gorgeous!!!!!

    1. Thank you! :) haha I am literally in love I want to marry them!! xx