Sunday, 10 June 2012

My DIY shorts!

Hi everyone! :)

So I had some old shorts I never wear anymore, I think I actually only ever wore them once! They're from the New Look kids section and age 14! I'd seen loads of youtube videos on people dying their shorts and so thought I may aswell give it a go :)

 This is the original shorts, they actually look darker in this picture, they're paler in real life! 


I unpicked the stitches which luckily I had a proper un picking thingy, but it can be done with scissors if you're careful!

As I rolled them down, they were obviously longer so I cut them just with normal scissors! I didn't want a perfect line so I distressed them a bit just using my scissors along the cut edges. Thennnn I dyed them!


I bought a sachet of Dylon fabric dye in Powder Pink which was I think 50g and cost me £2.99 from Wilkinsons and you can use any old salt so I just bought some Sainsburys basics salt which was around 30p! The instructions are on the packet but you need 6 litres of warm water, mix in I think 5 tablespoons of salt and then mix in the dye. It says to wear gloves i'm guessing because it will stain your hands! You literally put the shorts in and stir them for 15 minutes straight, surprised I don't have popeye biceps! You then stir them regularly for 45 minutes and then I just left them overnight to make sure the dye sunk in properly! In the morning I rinsed them in cold water and then wash them by themselves in the washing machine and voila!

They look a lot more pink in real life but you can see how they've gone pink on the paler parts and slightly purply blue on the darker parts and I love how they look! I have also ordered some studs from ebay but they havn't arrived yet, when they do i'm gonna put them on one of the pockets I think! New shorts for about £5 is pretty good i'd say! 

I might buy some white shorts from Primark which are £5 and DIY them as they will take the dye better! I might try and do them tie dye so they get paler towards the bottom! If I actually do this I'll make sure I do a post on it! :)

So I definitely recommend you try this if you have some old shorts you don't wear! Have any of you guys DIY'ed some shorts? If you have or are going to i'd love to know how they turned out!

Hope you've all have a good weekend! Monday tomorrow, boooo!

Emily xxx


  1. They look great! I only have one pair of shorts and they were £25 from river island so i don't think my mum would be too happy with me cutting and dyeing them :L xx

    1. Get some cheap ones from primark or something! Theyre like £5 so add the dye etc and you've new shorts for £10! :) xx

  2. These look great,just as good as the ones there selling in Topshop atm! :) x

  3. Ohhh wow! These look amazing :) I might have to give it a go myself.