Sunday, 25 March 2012

Choccy philly? Don't be silly!

Okay so I know I just did a post like an hour or so ago BUT...
So I was at my friends aunties house and she told us that if you put this on digestive biscuits it tastes like chocolate cheesecake, so obviously I just HAD to try it...

I was a bit worried that it was gonna taste cheesy but it doesn't at all! It just tastes like chocolate and although im not sure it tastes like chocolate cheesecake, it still tastes SO good!!
mini cheesecake?
And obviously i couldn't not try the chocolate strawberry mix with it?! This also tastes so good!
So, in conclusion, everyone must run quicker than Usain Bolt to your local Sainsbury's and buy some choccy philly which is definitely not silly for just 78p whilst its on half price, along with some digestives and strawberries!

Now i'm off to gain 5 stone via choccy philly

Emily xxx


  1. omgsh its lush!! adore it, my waistline, however..not so much :P xx

  2. I tried it, but I didn't like it that much. But I think eating it with strawberry's is a very good idea, so I'm definitely going to try that, maybe I like it better then.


  3. my friends are crazy for this stuff, they say it's the best with breadsticks?! haha! <3

    1. oooh definitely gonna have to try that haha! xx